As a bride-to-be, you might as well be battling those initial nerves of…. well….. being a bride in the first place. From looking the best at your wedding to make that much coveted emotional transition (from a spinster to a bride), there is possibly a world of concerns you are presently confounded by.

Your wedding look is explicitly as much about your make-up as it is about your dress. Read on to explore the costly makeup mistakes that brides often end up committing. Be assured that the most discerning wedding makeup artist in Sydney will vouch for the points thus mentioned here.

The Costly Wedding Makeup Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding makeup is way different from regular makeup. Just the thought of being the cynosure of all eyes – the feeling of being the bride – more than anything you are driven by a sense of responsibility to look good. Ace your wedding look by avoiding these costly bridal makeup mistakes.

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1. You are overwhelmed by trends

What most brides out there do not understand is that wedding looks are meant to be timeless quite simply because the photos of the same are going to be cherished many years as well. So, if you think that – contouring – the latest rage will win over hearts at your wedding, do know for a fact that it may not even exist a few years down the line!

2. You are too experimental

In fact, the most astute makeup artists will tell you not to experiment at all. Instead of trying out shades or lipsticks that you have never tried out before you should opt for stuff that you already know look good on you.

3. You are skipping the makeup trial altogether

You are doing this to save time and money! But trust the artists when they say that these trials are worth it. The D-day is not the time when you should experiment with shades. Settling for tests means that you are entirely sorted on the D-day itself – at least as far your makeup is concerned.

4. You are too ambitious

This is true for the brides who not only want to experiment but are even ready to go overboard at the expense of embracing the loudest of look imaginable. Do know for a fact that if contouring looks terrible during daylight, even smokey eyes are also not suitable for the camera.

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5. You are not hiring the right professional for the job

As a bride, you possibly aren't aware of the options you have access to. Do you know that as per your convenience you can even turn to the services of mobile makeup artist in Sydney? However, besides focusing on your comfort, you should also ensure that you are checking the credentials of the artist before settling for services.

6. You are avoiding lip stain

In fact, by doing this, you are avoiding the most reliable option you have. Please make sure that instead of lip gloss or lipstick you are settling for lip stain because it makes for the most long-lasting choice, while the other two will eventually fade out through the day.

7. You are not giving traditional foundation its due

Do not opt for a foundation with SPF protection. Do you wish to know the reason? There are times when some elements of SPF can result in a whitish look during flash photography.

8. You are going wrong with your shimmer

You should know the right use of the same. Don't put it on your forehead or nose because that makes your skin look greasy. Restricting it to your cheeks is fine.

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