With uncertain economic times looming once again, it is more important than ever that travellers get a good deal on their currency exchange.

Whilst planning a holiday is a daunting task for some, those that are taking the extra time to go online for currency, are making substantial savings on their travel money.

FairFX, an online currency specialist, is urging travellers to plan in advance and buy travel money online to get better deals. CEO Stephen Heath says: “Companies that provide online currency are able to do so without the costly overheads that kiosks demand. It’s then a simple case of passing this on to the customer, giving them a fairer deal”.

Airports continue to be the place where Britons are getting the worst deal with some companies charging significantly more than the market rate. Meanwhile prepaid currency cards are ever growing in popularity, comprising of both the excellent online rates available and a secure way of carrying money abroad.

Meanwhile, Conducting research is vital before committing to a credit card, it has been said.

Britons searching for the best credit deals must be wary of the finer details when signing up for any such product, an expert has said.

In the wake of the recession, a growing number of people are having to resort to borrowing on credit cards or personal loans in order to make ends meet but, according to Liz Dunscombe, director of partnership development at Credit Action, these individuals should err on the side of caution.

Ms Dunscombe explained it is vital to conduct in-depth research before committing to any deal due to the potential issues that could arise later on if, for example, consumers miss a repayment.

"Whenever you're taking out any form of credit you just need to look at the small print as carefully as you can and do your homework," she advised.

Research published by Aviva last week (August 17th) revealed that 63 per cent of people have been forced to lend money from their family in recent times.

However, doing your research before applying is not limited to just credit cards as it has been shown that taking the time to compare the most cost-effective gas and electric deals is a worthwhile exercise in the aftermath of the global economic downturn.

That is the opinion of Jasmine Birtles, founder of online resource Money Magpie, who has urged people to conduct market research to see if they could save money on essentials such as utilities and home insurance.

Ms Birtles noted that this is one of the best ways to combat the impact of high inflation on a household's finances, as "nobody can afford to be complacent now they have to switch in order to do anything or get a decent rate on anything and save money".

In addition, she stated that striving to find the best broadband deals available is also a good idea.

Recently (August 18th), InstantLoansDirect.com revealed that more than half of all people taking out payday loans through its online service were from the middle-income bracket of salaries between £25,000 and £50,000.

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