Who can forget that rush of budding love? Everything is perfect. He or she is perfect. The freckles on their nose are perfect. In the first flushes of love, you even feel like you are perfect. There is absolutely no feeling like it in the world. Then life sets in and perfection seems to be a thing of the past. Sure, every once in awhile you see and feel sparks of the way things were. However it seems like those times are getting fewer and further between. Of course the love is still there, it has just gotten lost in all of the chores, and careers, and daily grind.

You've read all the relationship books and articles you can find. The advice in those helps for a minute or two, and then it's back the same old same old. As well meaning as those publications are, there is only so far they can go. A situation like this calls for more drastic solutions. You need a way to reenergize the old, long lost passion. The only way to do that is to direct positive energy into your life and home. The perfect solution is Feng Shui. This ancient Chinese practice is designed to direct the flow of good chi where you need it most and restore balance. It's a great way to bring some fire back into your relationship.

Since we are talking about the romantic relationship in your life, it's pretty easy to see what room is going to need the most of your attention. Of course we are talking about the bedroom. Firing up the passion with Feng Shui is incredibly effective if used in the right way. The following steps are crucial to getting your love life back on track.

The first step is to clean your bedroom. We aren't talking about finally picking up the clothes off the floor. This has to be a ceiling to floor cleaning with the closets, dressers, and under the bed area all getting good attention. Energy doesn’t flow well in cluttered areas. It is absolutely essential to eliminate it in order to make the best love nest for you and your partner. Just getting rid of all of the useless clutter will make your space more comfortable for talking, lounging, and other things.

Now that you have a clean space to work in, take a look at your bed. In Feng Shui and rekindling the romantic spark, you don't want to have a bed any bigger than a queen. A king sized bed doesn't encourage cuddling and intimacy. You will also want to be sure that there is room to walk on either side to ensure the steady flow of good energy. While we are on the subject of the bed, you will want to outfit it in luxury. Think soft, sensual materials for the sheets and comforter. Don’t forget to include plenty of pillows to further enhance your and your partner's comfort. Color is important too. Pink is the Feng Shui color for affection, while red is the color of passion. That doesn’t mean you need to go over the top and make your bedroom look like a Valentine Day card. Subtle accents will work just fine. You can always use colors like grayish pink or maroon instead. The point is to create a bed that encourages energy flow and comfort for the both of you.

Since the bed is now ready to go, consider the rest of the room's décor. A light dimmer switch is a great investment to consider. That way you can decide on how to light the room for those special conversations or other activities. Sound and music are important parts of Feng Shui as well. Ignite passion with your favorite music or couple's song handy on CD or whatever means works for you. Keeping some silky massage oil or lotion in the nightstand is just setting the stage for revisiting the initial flushes of love.

The artwork you choose to display in your bedroom has relevance as well. The last thing you want to encourage is singlehood. In other words, don’t leave one of anything. There shouldn't be one candle, or a picture with one person or item, or one lamp. The idea in the bedroom is to create a good Feng Shui design for encouraging rekindled romance. Always display two of everything. If you are talking about a picture or portrait make sure that there are two images represented. The master bedroom isn’t the place for family portraits either. Looking at the kids, your parents, or the last family reunion photo isn't conducive to romance. There are other parts of the house were these types of pictures are acceptable and even encouraged. Move them to the living or family room.

Feng Shui can help you regenerate the feelings you felt in the beginning of your relationship. Take the time to build a love nest for just the two of you.

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Candace Czarny “Award Winning” Interior Designer, Subtle Energy Expert and author of the best selling “20 Minute Feng Shui” is launching her newest work “The Master’s Secret Key” at www.TheMastersSecretKey.com/tmsk , a short work design to inspire the reader to self-empowerment.
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Her passion is “creating a paradigm evolution, where people believe that creating their environment is the key to creating the life they desire.”
Candace Czarny is the president of Wind & Water, Inc. She has more than 30 years’ experience in interior and “Green” design, facilities and project management and Feng Shui.
Candace has practiced interior design since 1973 and received her Degree in Interior Design from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VA Tech) in 1977. She is a NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer and a Professional Member of ASID. She is a Certified Facility Manager (CFM) and a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional). She is responsible for the Design of the First “Gold” LEED Certified building in the State of Arizona. She has also received the Design in Excellence Award from the Arizona chapter of ASID and the Best of the Best Award in Sedona.
In addition to her scholastic studies, Candace apprenticed with Feng Shui Master and Shaman Cuneo for 5 years. Her studies consisted of field work and daily training in the oral tradition. Her training comes from a global perspective of esoteric sciences and incorporates: Landform and Black Sect Feng Shui, Hawaiian Huna, European Geomancy, Native American and South American Energy Sciences. She teaches practical, accurate, in-depth energy principles with creative and modern applications. Her clients have testified of dramatic results using Candace’s advice from romance to business.