The kitchen is often the last place where you think to decorate or where you think of making money. After all, it’s generally covered in pots and pans or leftovers. Since people are in it all the time, it seems to be a place that needs little help in terms of Feng Shui. But this is far from the case. Since the kitchen is considered to be the area where energy is stoked, as in the family hearth, this room is one which should have your undivided attention and care. It is also the room where prosperity is generated.

Choose the Right Color

One of the best colors for a kitchen is purple. This highly energetic and spiritual color is one that can ground the kitchen in a higher awareness and peace. Purple is also used in Feng Shui to help with gains from a variety of sources – business, money, luck, and peace. Purple is also the color of royalty so you can create the wealth energy of royalty by using this color. Since this is a room where people congregate often, having as much positive energy as possible in this place is essential for keeping everyone in the home happy, healthy and wealthy.

Protect the Cook

While you might not be able to do much with the appliances in your kitchen, there is much you can do to help keep the energy moving well. One of the best ways to prevent energy stagnation around the stove and oven is to place a concave mirror at the top of the stovetop. This will help to allow you to see behind you when you cook while also spreading out energy in the room. You will also want to make sure you can see clearly through the entranceway and to open up the entranceway if there is a door.

The energy of the one preparing the food goes into the food as it is prepared so it is important to create an environment where the chef is feeling protected, nurtured and happy.

You can also place a faceted ball over where the chef stands to transmute any sha or cutting energy to protect the environment of the chef.

Consider Clutter

Thought it might seem to be easier to leave things on the counter for convenience, this is energetically awkward in Feng Shui. Instead, clear off the counters of your kitchen to ensure energy can still flow through the room, even when you’re not in it. Remove anything that you don’t immediately need and clean everything up before you move to another room.

The one item that must be store away are knives. Knives are poison arrows and cut and destroy the wealth building chi energy. Often knives are stored in wood blocks but this is not enough to protect the chef.

The kitchen is where friends and family like to be during social events as well as everyday life. Try to make this room as cheerful and as Feng Shui friendly as possible – and everyone will notice and you will see your prosperity increase.

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