As we shift into overdrive in this new Financial Paradigm and socioeconomic environment the internet and economic collapse has helped fuel, we must shift our focus when it comes to our networks. It's been said our "Net Worth" is directly related to our "Networks". In other words, who we choose to spend most of our valuable time with is a direct correlation to our income level. If we want to make more money and be able to increase our lifestyle, we must develop a new network of entrepreneurial minds with commonality of free enterprise thinking and this will in turn catapult us to new heights. This is not to say we get rid of all of our old friends and acquaintances, but ask yourself this question, of your current network of colleagues and friends what are the comparisons of income levels? Typically you will find all of the lifestyle and income levels are relatively similar. Why? Who we choose to spend our time with will not only affect our social lives and well being but also our financial lives.

In this new Mega information era where news, information and the media travel so fast we must be able to recognize our value to society by tapping into networks of people that are springing up all over with social outlets like Facebook, Twitter, My Space and LinkedIn. There is a distinct change that will happen when you open up to new social outlets and networks. Opportunities will come to you, new doors will be opened, and most importantly you will stay out of the media controlled propaganda that lies within TV, Radio and Print.

Whether we realize it or not, we are entering a time in history where more millionaires will be made in the next ten years than in the past 100 years combined. The days of corporate enslavement and the JOB (Just Over Broke) mentality has vanished. People have come to life and are searching for other ways to make money and to flourish. If you are there to act as a guide and mentor to people in free enterprise, they will follow your lead. This new Mega Information and internet craze has allowed Free Enterprising and Network Marketing to once again flourish, reminiscent of the mid 1800's when bartering and true exchange for value were at the forefront of our wealth creation.

We have a true opportunity to increase our value to society by developing new skill sets to help people reach their own goals and empower them to new beginnings. America is NOT dead and as the new song says in the new Movie "Hanna Montana", "Life is not about how fast you get there, it's about the Climb". -- join the revolution...

Author's Bio: 

Scott Lifer, born October 7th, 1967.
Founder and CEO—

Scott is a Professional Speaker in this Mega Information Era educating on “out of the box” investment methods with an emphasis on the only one, true tangible wealth building investment, commodities.

He believes strongly that the biggest impact of the financial collapse and breakdown of our socioeconomic system is not the money being lost, but the pandemic state of “Isolationism” we all feel in trying to survive in this era.

Scott advocates and teaches on the importance of restoring that “American Spirit” of Free Enterprise networks by helping people get out of that JOB (Just Over Broke), out of the employer-employee top down model and into a system of mentors and coaches that truly want to help us all realize our hopes and dreams.

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