Bull Traders in Forex Market

The bull is a type of trader who expects prices to rise. Bull type traders open long positions, thus creating demand and increasing the price of trading instruments. In the Bullish market, the economy is running well, unemployment is declining, GDP is rising, and prices are also growing. This market is characterized by optimism, high expectations, and investor confidence.

Bull aims to increase capital by utilizing market growth. Market analysts from Forex brokers help traders keep informed and predict price movements. They buy in the hope of being able to sell it back in the future at a higher price. Therefore, markets and trends that show price increases are called Bullish. There is a gradual increase in prices over a certain period of time in the Bullish market.

Bear Traders in Forex Market

Bear tried to reduce prices because they were pessimistic about price increases. Market participants of this type expect prices to fall. Bear sells its assets to buy them at lower prices in the future. This term arises from the movement of a bear that sticks its claws down.

Bearish markets are the opponents of the Bullish market: unemployment increases, GDP decreases, and prices also fall. Here the price drops constantly under the pressure of negative news and continues to increase the sell position. The Bearish market is characterized by a pessimistic and low expectation approach. When prices go down, markets and trends are called Bearish if they occur for a long period of time.

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