Belly fat. Ugly, uncomfortable and very dangerous to your health. The problem is that to burn belly fat you have to either go on some extreme diet or you have to go and sweat it out in the gym. Or don’t you?

Up until now, the diet industry has been preying on people’s ignorance. FAD diets are dumb and it seems like everyone is slowly catching on. With bellies getting bigger and heart attacks and diabetes on the increase we have to do something.

If you think that losing weight is boring, hard or impossible then think again. Here are my three fun tips to burn belly fat while you eat, drink and be merry…

1. Eat
Eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The idea of “starving” yourself thin is a myth. If you don’t eat, your body actually becomes better at storing fat and when you do eat you will gain even more weight. This is why people often gain back even more weight after being on some diet.

2. Drink
It’s hard to believe, but water is one of the best helpers for burning fat. Your body is 80% water and water is the best solvent on this planet. Not only does it help your body’s natural process of losing fat, but it also helps your body to eliminate toxins that will be turned into fat. Water also has the amazing ability to prevent those hunger cravings from setting in.

3. Be Merry
Do you eat to feel better? So often snaking and comfort food is nothing but a means to an end. Food can instantly make you “feel good” –especially junk food with high sugar and salt content. The problem is that this instant high never lasts. Don’t go to food to feel better. Learn other ways to make yourself feel good. Don’t use food.

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