Best Money Changer Services in Mumbai

Find the best foreign exchange rates in the market. We at Orient Exchange help you get the best rates with daily currency exchange rates. We are well versed in the market as a money changer and have brought all the industry expertise with us to the online platform, that’s easy to use and precise with dynamic rate updates.

Orient Exchange,Best Currency Exchange in Mumbai

Exchange your foreign currency without any effort at all at the comfort of your home, we made online money exchange a breeze to use. We are the most customer-oriented money changers near you. Find the best and updated exchange rates at the click of a button.

Forex Cards

As a travel card, Forex Cards have the convenience of using in malls and have the security of PIN and OTPs. Use your Orient Exchange cards at more than 20 countries and make ATM withdrawals with assurance of safety (first three withdrawals are free – on specific offers).

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An Authorized Dealer-II license holding company, registered at Bangalore, India and is part of Orient Exchange Co.(L.L.C.),Dubai, group of companies. Orient Exchange Co. (L.L.C.), established in 1923, is one of the first few exchange Houses to operate from the Middle East. The company is into both Foreign exchange (Retail, Whole sale) and remittances business. Orient Exchange has 27 branches in UAE, 18 branches in Hong Kong, 14 branches in Malaysia, 8 branches in Australia, 2 branches in United Kingdom and has tie up with all major banks across the world for remittance business. The company offers various cash to cash remittances services too and is the primary agent of Western Union in Dubai.

In India we are having 24 branches and have presence in 18 cities. Globally as a group we have operation in AUSTRALIA, HONG-KONG,MALAYSIA apart from UAE and INDIA.