If there is one rule which everyone should remember when buying new boat trailer accessories, it’s never rush into things. One should spend ample time researching and (when found) inspecting its sustainability, weather-endurance, wheels and its drive-on capabilities.

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Along with these, one should also consider the other sailing requirements when searching. For those who have little experience in how to go about it, here’s an apt 101 Guide for their assistance.

Evaluate the Boat Properly:   

All boat trailers are manufactured for specific purposes. So, when buying your boat trailer, properly evaluate the type of boat.

Example – If One Intends To Take Their Boat In Salt Waters, Then It Would Be Wise To Choose A Trailer Meant For Such Purposes.

Ensure the Capacity of the Trailer Is More than the Boat:

One should also consider the weight and dimension of the boat and then choose a trailer which is slightly more than the boat capacity.

Example – If The Boat Weights Around 1,500 Kgs, Then Choose A Trailer That Can Bear More Than This Weight.

Putting an excessive load on the trailer can turn out to be a bit risky, and that is why one should always be very particular about the weight and carrying capacity.

Also, Check Its Endurance and Drive Capability:  

These factors crucially determine whether the purchased trailer accessory will withstand the elements and the test of time.

For Endurance against the Elements

One should always go with trailers manufactured with galvanised steel/aluminium. This keeps possible corrosion and rust from happening and guarantees it endurance to all weather conditions.

For Drive-on Capability

If the boat permits, then it would be a wise decision to go with trailers having drive-on capabilities. With this one can back their trailers to the water surface and drive the boat right over it. Not to forget, it also affirms better maneuverability and trailer drive control.

What about the Wheels, Tires, Brakes, Axles?

The more the type capacities, the faster it will hit the pavements and gather tread wear. When selecting boat trailer wheels, one needs to ensure that its size is matching the load capacity.

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These wheels get most of the attention. They act as an essential accessory which keeps the trailer on the ground. Bias-Ply tires or even better radial types prove to be great picks.

One should also get the right axle to prevent the trailer from derailing. The trick is to have more axles as they guarantee better safety and stability.

As a recommendation, skip the single axle configuration and choose a dual axle. In case of an extra large trailer, one should choose a triple axle set-up for better functionality.

Another thing to remember is, having brakes on every axle and a brake-wash down kit for each wheel. In case of sudden stops (especially if someone cuts off the path), these help in the overall stopping power.

Capping off With Some Crucial Tips:

After buying, one needs to upkeep its functionality. It’s the only way to make it perform consistently well.

To increase the longevity of the trailer brake lining, rotors and callipers, one should spray it properly using fresh water. Rinsing salt water helps the entire braking system to work optimally.

Always stick to one grease brand. It’s not good to mix them up. Ideally, one should look for grease which is water-impervious. For best results, buy the brands which are specifically made for marine activities and environments.

Lastly, one should ensure that their supply store is top-notch. Certified and quality-proven products/accessories for boat trailers are only obtainable in stores having a good name and reputation in the market.

Hopefully, the information above proves beneficial for the purchase and maintenance.

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