Having a baby is one of the biggest blessings. That is why parents want to make the first birthday of their children extra special. The only issue is that they invite a lot of guests and it gets hard for them to serve all of them. In this situation ordering the baby Shower cakes in Gurgaon is the best option. Here we have some of the best baby tower cakes that you can consider ordering.

Monkey surprise cake
If you have noticed that your little one is naught and loves to play around with you, it is better that you get the monkey surprise cake. The cake has two towers, and it is decorated with small monkeys. The best thing about the cake is that it is covered with the fondant that looks like a small tree.

The perfect sunshine

In case you are looking for something special and different you can have the perfect sunshine cake. The cake is covered with bright yellow fondant, and it has a huge yellow sun at the top. You can select the flavor of the cake that you like the most. The sun on the cake has a cute face.

Elmo tower cake

One of the best cakes that every kid will fall in love with is the Elmo cake. The cake is decorated just like the Elmo show with all the products that Elmo has. At the top of the cake, there is a huge Elmo doll that all kids can relate to. Make sure that you get the cake for a special occasion and all kids will appreciate this special cake.

Justice league cake

The heroes have united once again in the justice league cake. This is a three-story cake with the bottom made of Superman, then comes Batman and at the top is captain America. You can select as many heroes as you can and increase the stories of the cake to make it look more attractive and amazing.

Elly – The Elephant cake

If your young one is cute and you want his/her cake to look cute as well, you can have the Elly cake. The cake is covered with the gray colored fondant that matches the color of the skin of Elly. At the top of the cake is a cute Elly doll.

Bottom line
There are many Cake shops in Gurgaon that can prepare the perfect baby tower cakes. However, you have to assure that you compare the work of all the shops. That is the only way you can assure that your cake will be perfect and will have all the details that

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