Although characters like Harry Potter have leveled up the charm of wearing glasses, children who wear glasses are still being seen as an easy target by bullies. How often has your kid gone home with damaged glasses because they were bullied? Some kids even refuse to wear their glasses the moment they step into school and end up struggling through their lessons because they cannot see and read properly. Because of this, kids are starting to ask for their own contact lenses at a much younger age.

Research and scientific back-up
A study made in 2009 shows that when kids use contact lenses, they become more confident, have better well-being, and excel more. The study covers 484 children between the ages 3 and 12 for 3 years. The children were divided into two groups where one group retained wearing their glasses while the other was switched from glasses to contact lenses. The researchers ask these children how they are doing in school and the results showed that the contact lens group had higher levels of satisfaction when it comes to their school work, sports performance, social status, and looks.

How old can kids start using contact lenses?
Kids are prescribed glasses when it comes to vision correction basically because having contacts entails a certain level of responsibility. It may be difficult for young kids to cover the responsibility of cleaning and to store them every day. Today, however, kids as young as 8 years old are actually capable of taking responsibility for their contact lenses. In fact, they are even able to put in and take out their contact lenses without any problem at all.
Take note that this will all depend on how you guide, motivate, and support your kid of course. You cannot expect a kid to instantly know how to take care of their contacts on the first go. With the right instructions, there is no reason why your kid will not be able to develop the discipline it takes to be responsible.

What are the benefits of using contact lenses?
Aside from retaining perfect vision, wearing contact lenses comes with other benefits:

One of the advantages that your kid can get by wearing vision correcting eye lens is that they will now be able to enjoy sports. Playing sports with glasses on is no joke. You have to make sure they do not fall off and as you swear, your glasses start to fog as well. It is such a hassle. With contact lenses, you can expect your kid to get more physical and even improve their grade in Physical Education class as well.

• Bullying
As mentioned earlier, children wearing glasses are easy targets for bullies. This is why some kids prefer not to wear them at all. Glasses are still perceived to be a sign of weakness and the bullying that comes with it can be bad for your kid’s well-being. Bullying has a lot of effects some of which include early signs of introverting and losing interest in going to school.

• Confidence
Of course, contact lenses are a great confidence booster. Your kid no longer have to feel self-conscious about how they look. Even adults who wear contact lenses feel that their looks are improved and therefore feel more confident when facing other people.

As you can see, allowing your kid to wear contact lenses may not be such a bad idea. Visit to buy contact lenses for your kid.

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