One of the common questions I get asked is “is there a back pain cure?” To answer this is not that easy.

Sure you can remove back pain easily through various techniques that rebalance your muscles and joints as well as improve your body’s ability to heal. But will these cure back pain?

Cure after all is a very big goal.

Will you never suffer again? Will your spine be immune to all the stresses and pressure you place on it if you use some magical technique? Can you become almost super human and not injure yourself through falls, bumps and scrapes?

I assume you can see the answer to all of these. A back pain cure is not a reachable goal if you plan to remove your back pain now and then do nothing further.

If you want to attempt to stay pain free then you need to continually improve your spine and the muscles that support it.

Does this mean spending countless hours every day doing exercises?

No. It means being able to regularly assess and reassess your spine to make sure it remains in balance. If it becomes out of balance then you need to act then and not wait until pain arrives.

Pain is a signal that your spine has become out of balance enough to warrant attention. Pain is just your internal fire alarm.

If you want a long term back pain cure, then you need to build continual strength in your spine. You must train your body to become pain free and stimulate your body to heal optimally.

This requires you to look after your body on a regular basis. But all you need is a few minutes of time each week to make sure your muscles are not too tight, that they have good strength and that your pelvis is balanced and no distortion patterns exist. Learning some simple Acupressure techniques helps you to give your body a good boost to make sure it heals well.

The main technique is not a healing technique, you need to be able to assess the balances in your spine and pelvis. If you can detect problems before pain develops then you will have a back pain cure.

You will be able to remove pain before it occurs and with time you will find you become fit and stronger and it becomes easier and easier to prevent pain.

So is there such as thing as a back pain cure? Yes, but it is not one technique. It is not relying on pain as the only signal to tell you your spine is out of balance. It is knowing to assess the balances regularly and to act early to make sure pain never develops.

Then you have a back pain cure.

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