Cancer (June 21 – July 22) is the fourth sign of the zodiac. It is ruled by the planet moon and symbolically represented by the crab. Some of their positive characteristics are loyalty, empathy, adaptable, loving and caring towards their family; however on the negative side they can be very moody, sensitive, emotional and indecisive. They are known for their mood swings. It is one of the most dominant characteristics. They flip from one emotion to another within fraction of seconds. At one point of time they can be really jovial, friendly and extrovert, however next time you meet them, they can be really shy, reserved and an introvert. This will leave you wondering. However, that’s when you will realize that they are cancers. They can be lost in their own world and thoughts. They care very less about fame and prosperity. They are very simple and humble people. If by chance they become famous or rich, they will handle it with maturity and know very well how to bask in its glory. When they are sad, they are be the most depressing people in the world, however when happy, they can be the most positive people to be around.

They are dreamers and never stop dreaming about good things in life, but sometimes their pessimism stops them from dreaming about good things. They are very vulnerable and can get easily hurt, even with the mildest words or actions. Sometimes a rough glance is enough to break their heart. They can be deeply hurt with the simplest of actions. Once they are hurt they will withdraw themselves into their shell. They will not plan revenge but will moan in their pain for days, shutting themselves from the world. It will be very difficult for us to track them once they withdraw. They need to be given that time to recover. After few days they will again emerge on the scene. Their moods are clearly displayed through their facial expressions. While in conversation with them, you can clearly make out how they are feeling just by looking at their face. They are very sensitive and soft hearted. They hold on to memories and experience for long period of time. They can be trusted with any information as they are very good at keeping secrets. They are very fascinated about the past and keep collecting mementos and objects that keep them reminding about past.

They do not easily share information about their personal life with others. It is strictly personal for them. They do not hold any prejudice about people or judge them. They believe in what they see and experience. Hence people’s impression on them depends on their attitude and behavior towards them. They are not selfish and ever ready to help, however they are not too outgoing either. They do not easily forget mistakes and remember them for a long time, be it theirs or others. They keep reflecting on it until they have found an acceptable answer for it and move on only if they find a satisfying explanation.

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Pt. Narayan Bhatt is vedic Astrologer at OmAstrology web portal.