Dachshunds are elegant creatures, their short legs and elongated bodies make them a quite recognizable breed. This dog breed has a wide range of colors, the most dominant of which is red along with black, tan, chocolate, silver or cream. They come in a solid color, dappled or a combination of two or three mentioned colors. Dachshunds come in three fur varieties; short-haired, wire-haired and the long-haired dachshunds. When it comes to dog care, the long-haired variety poses the most challenge and requires more special attention from their owners.

Long-haired dachshunds need regular; they have soft, shiny, slightly wavy hair that marks the bottom and creates a dusting effect. They have a fluffy, fine undercoat that is quite prone to shedding. The hair growth in the ears, the paws have thick hair, and the underside of the tail also tends to be longer and create a flag. This can be easily moped and entangled if not given regular brushing and combing.

Shedding can be controlled by regular brushing once every two days, especially in the warmer months, when the amount of haircut tends to be more than in winter. In colder months, when the dachshunds' winter coat sets in, owners can relax a bit and get brushes done once or twice a week. More than one task, dog care and brushing can also be a bonding factor for you and your dog, plus it is also good for their health, increasing blood flow to the skin.

For some dachshunds, combing can be a wonderful experience; however, there are also those who might be unpleasantly surprised by it and struggle. When this happens, be patient and persistent, just like when you train your dog to learn tricks. Organize your dog's care plan and make a routine, just like how you would do it for a child. Have a specific place where you can care for your dog, whether it is a table top, kitchen table or his very own care station. Have all the materials you need easily spread out for easy access, such as metal combs, soft brush brushes, hair clips, bath products and a hair dryer. https://everydoghas.com/%e0%b8%aa%e0%b8%b8%e0%b8%99%e0%b8%b1%e0%b8%82%e0...

Start your dog care with a clean slate by making sure your dachshund is properly bathed and preferably has a trimmed hair. You can get this done at a dog salon as trimming hair requires a lot of experience and skill. If you prefer to do this alone, start by bathing your dog in lukewarm water with a mild shampoo designed for dogs. After bathing, wrap them in a towel and use a dryer to make sure he is completely dry including the substrate. Once this is done, you can trim stray hair, but do not do it too much. It is entirely up to you to trim your long hair, there are owners who like to give their grave hair haircuts while some kennel clubs are against the idea. Once your dog is clean and trimmed, you can brush his hair in sections, loosen with a smooth brush or metal comb, secure the rest with hair clips and continue brushing until it gives a healthy shine. Aside from paying attention to his coat, make sure that his ear area as well as his paws and nails are also maintained. For dachshunds, dog care is not just a means to be beautiful; it also helps prevent more health problems.

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Long-haired dachshunds need regular; they have soft, shiny, slightly wavy hair that marks the bottom and creates a dusting effect.