One of the key ingredients for success can be summed up with one simple word:
Focus! On what?

That’s easy—one thing at a time. You see, in this fast-paced, “multitask” society we live in, it seems we are judged by how many different things we can do all at one time; yet in reality, we can only do one thing well at any given time.

Imagine being on your computer playing music, checking emails, working on a Word document, Excel worksheet, and PowerPoint presentation, and looking up stuff on the Internet. Your system might move pretty slowly.

Right? Guess what? The same applies to us. We can do things faster and better, if we focus on only one thing at a time.

To illustrate this point even more, I want to share the following example with you.
It’s 4th down, 12 seconds remain on the clock, and your team is down by 3 points. You are the wide receiver in the biggest football game of your life, and are called upon to win the game for the home town crowd. You line up to begin the final play. The ball is snapped and you run down field.

As the ball is heaved down field in your direction, you feel the anticipation of the event which is about to unfold. You envision it all in your head, step-by-step, move-by-move. You know exactly what is going to happen.
You are going to catch the ball, tuck it in close with the outside arm to keep from fumbling. You’ll twist left and then right, throwing the defenders off guard.
As more people run your way, you spin to the side, and dodge one close call after another, while jumping over the opponents like they are nothing more than simple obstacles.

As you soar into the end zone, the gun will explode, ending the game. Your team is victorious.

Your teammates will rush the field and hoist you up on their shoulders. The crowd goes wild, chanting your name in unison.

Later that night, you will be the talk of the town. Everyone wants to have a moment of your time to tell you “great job!” and shake your hand.

This is your time to shine! All the years of training and hard work have paid off. All eyes are on you. You are the person of the hour.
Then BAM!

Your mind brings you back to the moment. You were lost in your imagination. You lost focus and redirected your thoughts and energy toward what could be, rather than what was actually happening at the moment.

Loosing focus, the ball slips through your hands.
The crowd goes silent in disbelief.

The only thing you hear is a voice inside repeating one of the coach’s basic lessons, “Before you can do anything else, you first need to catch the ball. You have to focus on first things first. Until you do that, everything else is pointless.”

Now, let me ask you—are you catching the ball? How many things are you attempting to focus on at once?

Learn to concentrate on one thing, master it, and then move on to another.
Focus may be the missing ingredient in your recipe for success.

Best wishes and whatever you do….. Keep Smilin’

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Author - Think and Grow Rich: Three Feet From Gold