A $9 coffee!

“Wait what?”

The extra dollars are for the CBD in them. CBD oil’s interaction with edibles are increasing more and more, that they are becoming common. A new coffee shop Oliver Coffee in Brooklyn has introduced CBD infused coffee and cookies in their menu.

Image Source: Oliver Coffee


There won’t be a high because this is just CBD, and it’s a non-psychoactive component.

So, there will no high but just a small calming effect.

In this shop this Coffee costs.

Marijuana might be not be still legal in United States, but CBD is very much a common product many retail stores and dispensaries. So, using CBD with cookies and coffee is not an unusual one. With CBD’s growth many of the myths around them are dissolving.

Legal issues are still prevalent but according to the recent status Hemp derived CBD oil are legal. The verdict on Marijuana is still under debate. Buying CBD oil has become more guilt free so you can just pick it up from the store like any other product.

This has increased CBD sales along with it raised the CBD business and continuing to do so. Taking the CBD mixed cookies and coffee will not get you high but there are other things we should be more aware of.

CBD is still a product which is still surrounded with lot of dilemmas and doubts. The news of CBD’s benefits is growing but there are still dark corners. Not all CBD oil products in the markets are the same.

These all gave a lot of confusion about CBD and using CBD with other products like these coffee and so on,

Today I like to make this clear to every people live in the world. Here in this article you will get the complete knowledge about using CBD with coffee and cookies will give you a high or not?

After completing reading the following topics you will understand what is the result is…

Details about CBD and its usage:

The Knowledge of CBD among people is low,

I am sure many know what CBD is but the factors around CBD are still not facts most of them are just acceptations or assumptions. So, here I have given some facts that every people should know about CBD.

  • There are many who still believe CBD get you high; I guess the confusion is because of THC, the other component in the plant. Both have a triggering effect on your brain, but the THC’s effect is higher than you think which a problem if taken in higher doses is.
  • CBD oil has two main versions, CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD oil. Full spectrum has still had a trace of THC and more beneficial. Isolates contains just an isolated CBD only without having any other compounds, but they are less effective.
  • CBD oil has been made into many different product types such as vapes, tinctures, gummies and lotions so you get to choose whether you want to eat it, vape it or apply it.
  • CBD helps to treat many diseases of both body and mind and is considered as one of the best pain killers.

CBD oil Dosage matters:

Any medication the dosage you take matters, with CBD it matters more. Especially when a product such as CBD is infused in food and drinks, the dosage should be properly controlled.

We don’t want to be overdosed that’s why many people who have CBD food and drinks follow micro dosing that is in the case of coffee 6 ounce per cup.

If CBD must make an impact on a person’s Anxiety and stress then it should range from 6 mg to 20 mg, but it is said 20 mg will not make much impact, it hasn’t been proven yet.

So, it may feel like that we are paying the extra dollar for nothing. It is just $ 9 dollar for a Coffee, what’s the point of paying for CBD infusion if you don’t feel it.


Benefits of CBD coffee and cookies:

Consuming CBD infused food and drinks have its benefits, it is just sometimes taking CBD can be a bitter experience, in taking it with food makes it much more fun.

In taking CBD with a substance such as coffee gives you double benefits because coffee and CBD are considered as best antioxidants. Their benefits are.

  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Reduces seizure symptoms.
  • Makes you much safer from developing diabetes
  • Healthy immunity building
  • Help manage pain

I can go on and on;

Drinking coffee has become much healthier now. Eating CBD infused cookies are much more fun, the cookies are considered much more health with CBD in it.

Where the CBD in your product is comes from and what’s in it?

When you buy a coffee for some it really matters where the coffee beans come from, CBD is no different. The origin of the CBD in the product should be given much more importance than the coffee beans.

It makes a huge difference because you need to know whether it comes from a reputable source or are you just scammed with some cheap and fake CBD product.

Many sellers of CBD infused food and drinks are much forthcoming in telling where their CBD comes from, the more transparent they are, the better.

Check the components present in your CBD product before buying it, because other than isolates most of CBD products doesn’t contain only CBD sometimes you might be allergic to some components and some drug interactions are very harmful one even you can’t imagine those interactions.

Interaction of the CBD with other components or drugs:

All the CBD interactions are not a good one; some of them can be deadly. There are some drugs which CBD should never interact and if you are someone if you are using such medication it is better to stay away from CBD till that medication leaves your system.

CBD interaction with certain food components should also be avoided.

When the CBD components react with other foreign components sometimes the reaction, might be a negative. Even if CBD reaction with other foods is still a tested theory which is slowly growing so there is nothing proven yet.



CBD being part of your everyday diet shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you are planning to have CBD infused coffee every day it is better to consult a doctor before moving forward with your plan. The effect of daily dosage of CBD in food and drink is not proven yet, yes, they have their benefits but the impacts of them in the long run is yet to be seen.  It’s better to look before you leap, even if it’s into a bed of roses because even roses have thorns.


Author's Bio: 

Adrienne Urban is a founder of Vers Naturals. She also likes writing and doing research about food and health.