Making a million dollars sounds like a daunting task for the average, hard working blue collar individual. As kids, we are brainwashed to think that success is the result of a good education. The problem with this idea is that big businesses have been going bankrupt, just like the controversial gurus have predicted.

Your success in the world depends solely on you. A major step toward success is realizing that you need to take the step of going into business, otherwise you won't have a chance to make it big. The business you start doesn't have to be one that costs thousands of dollars to start. It doesn't have to be brick & mortar. Your business can be as simple as selling information on the web using free resources.

In this digital age, opportunities have opened up for even the poorest individual. Major outlets such as Amazon welcome new sellers with a few mouse clicks. Even if your computer time is limited to an hour at the library computer, you can make some serious financial gains.

With a 6 billion world population, getting 1 million people to pay you a single dollar at the bare minimum shouldn't be that hard. It is basic math that allows you to see the possibilities. You just need the right idea, or product. Then you need to implement that idea or product. But until you take that first step, your chances of getting those dollars are exactly zero percent.

Your next step? You need to start thinking about what you are good at. The most successful are those who love what they do as a hobby, and turn that into a business. You can even use your knowledge in that industry and become an expert. Your expert knowledge can be typed up by you, and sold to others seeking that information. The information business is a huge business after all.

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Author's Bio: 

Brandon Connell is an expert who has appeared on The Curtis Sliwa Show for WABC NY, as well as an expert witness for court. Brandon is also an established published author with articles appearing on Associated Content, and a book released on the Amazon Kindle. He has been contracted as a consultant for many celebrities.