Reputation is important: The first step you must take in choosing a broker or forex broker is to find out the reputation of the company. Usually, this company allows prospective clients to test existing services with a demo account. This method also needs to be a place for you to practice or do a simulation before plunging into the real market.

Identity clearly stated: A good reputation should also be supported by the broker's clear identity. This includes how the company's track record is concerned, office address, and ease of contacting related contacts (email, telephone, mailing address). Beware if you have trouble finding the office address.

Quality customer service: The uniqueness of the services provided by this online trading facility provider is pre-sales services. Most traders will choose to do a trial or free trial using a demo account on the service. Therefore, this is the right time to test the quality of broker customer service. How they handle your needs to try out existing facilities, including technical assistance when opening an account, response speed and accuracy of answers, to which communication channels are active. If on pre-sales services you feel the trading needs can be accommodated by the company, then the company deserves to be included in the short list of selected brokers.

Facilities provided: Of course, every brokerage company has different services, policies, and rules. Before deciding, you need to examine how the services and facilities they provide. A terms forex broker that good is if they offer:

  • Low spreads, especially if it approaches zero
  • Leverage, average 1: 100
  • The trading platform is user-friendly and easy to use
  • Demo account, which is a forex trading account that can be used for free without the need to deposit any funds
  • Variation in the number of currencies you want to trade, especially the major currency pair
  • Method of deposit and withdrawal or withdrawal of funds provided, including bank transfers and e- payment.

Conclusion: Even if in trading you will be assisted by a chosen forex broker, you still need to understand the basics of this field in order to be able to reap the benefits. Moreover, there are a number of funds that you invest here. Good or bad a broker company depends on the 4 things above, plus the extent to which they are able to facilitate your needs and desires in trading later.

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