Do not assume that thread count is the only thing you need to know when choosing luxury bedding. Although this term is used a lot, many people are confused about what it really means. The softest luxury bedding does not necessarily have the highest number of threads. You need to understand what makes the best, most luxurious bedding, and for that you need to know more than just the thread count.

The term thread count stands for the number of yarns woven into each square centimeter of the fabric. Make no mistake, this number is important, but only when it is also considered with other things. There are three other key components to consider when determining the quality of luxury bed linen; where the yarn was grown, the length of the staples and the place where it was spun. It all starts with the yarn and the fiber it comes from.

Grown along the Nile, Egyptian cotton is seen as the best in the world. When the Nile retreats, it leaves an unusually fertile piece of land that nourishes the growing cotton. Egyptian cotton is in demand because no other cotton gives in longer staples. This means that each fiber is longer than the competition. Many manufacturers will claim that their sheets are Egyptian cotton, but the luxury bedding manufacturers of higher quality are involved in the creation of their products from start to finish. This allows them to choose only the best Egyptian cotton. Only after the superiority of cotton is ensured are the raw fibers in silk yarn cleaned and spun by artisans in Italy.

The quality of the yarn is generally dictated by the length of the cotton fiber. Long staple cotton is spun into stronger, smoother, finer yarns than can be spun from shorter staples, resulting in a high number of threads. Unfortunately, a high number of threads can also be achieved by squeezing many card-stable yarns of lesser quality into every square centimeter, creating a heavy, coarse product, which is why it is so important to consider other things than just thread counting when searching for your luxury sheets.

Italy is proud to have the world's best spinners, weavers, sewers, embroiderers and artisans, so they can produce some of the most amazing luxury bedding sets. Generations of expertise go into every piece of linen, and the Italians build relationships with the best mills, looms and factories, giving them a unique chance to create the world's finest products. Using perpetual knowledge along with cutting-edge textile techniques, this industry is known for creating the best of all worlds for your luxury bedding set.

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The quality of the yarn is generally dictated by the length of the cotton fiber.