Coaching for Growth
Have you ever felt that you could be so much more, achieve so much more? That if you really commit to your dreams and gave it your all, it could actually become reality? Maybe you feel this deep down, but with all the pressures and daily demands, you seem unable to find time to work on yourself and the things you really want in life. And that leaves you with the distinct feeling that you are not fulfilling your potential – not progressing or developing yourself.

Webster’s dictionary defines growth as progressive development – and that sometimes seem like the missing link in our lives. We know we could be so much more, but we no longer experience “progressive development” or growth in our personal lives. Fortunately life coaching can help in our endeavour to develop and become the best we can be. Coaching aims to help you build on your inherent potential and strive towards making your goals reality.

When we think about growth we often assume that it is a natural process that will occur instinctively. We look at nature and see that everything seem to “just grow” or we see how babies appear to develop overnight – and we falsely conclude that growth, including personal growth, will happen automatically. Unfortunately this is not true. Although growth is a natural process, it will not happen naturally, unless two factors are present. These two factors are just as important for mental, emotional and spiritual development and growth as they are for physical growth.

Firstly, the right type of nutrition is essential. Nutrition is a crucial ingredient to any formula for growth. When it comes to physical development, it is easy to know what is important and good for growth: we know a tree needs soil, sunlight and water. However, when it comes to the development of our inherent potential, we are not always so sure about the right nutrition – and unless we get it, we will not reach our full potential. Fortunately life coaching can help a great deal, since a personal coach can assist us in determining what is really important to us, help us to develop our potential in those areas and thus grow towards greater fulfilment.

Secondly, growth can only take place if the nutrition is acquired in the right quantities. For instance, an oak tree that was planted in very shallow soil and got great amounts of sunlight, but almost no water would look a lot different from the oak that was planted in fertile ground and got just the right amount of water and sunlight. Although both acorns had the potential to grow into big oak trees and although they both received nutrition, both did not grow to their full capability. Unless nutrition is given in the right amounts and the right order, it could actually prevent growth from taking place. The same is true when it comes to our own personal development – although we may have inherent potential and although we may have discovered what is important to us and how to develop this through coaching, we will not grow to our full potential, unless we also prioritise and take action steps to get there.

In summary, what can we learn from nature that can help us to take control of our lives and grow again? What could we do to fulfil our enormous potential?
1) Although growth is a natural process, it will not happen naturally, unless you invest in it. Therefore get yourself a personal development book, get a coach or subscribe to’s continuing education program.
2) Even if we know what is important for us to grow, we still need to consciously prioritise our growth requirements – it will make it easier to reach our goals. Start by writing a list of what you really value in life and then put them in order of importance. You will find that it does not only simplify decision-making, but will indeed help you to be more fulfilled in life when you live according to these principles. For a technique to help you discover what to focus on, read the article: “GROWth Coaching”, at

So what will you do to reach your full potential and make your dreams reality?

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Author: Jaco Beukes – Personal Performance and Life Coach – LEAP in Life Coaching and a associate