Have you ever wondered why the star of the show stands out from the rest of the cast? Are you aware that the fine art principle of contrast is used to get this effect? Well, if you want to be more noticeable when you enter a room, stand in front of a color which is opposite to the one you are wearing and which is either darker or lighter. The principle of making yourself more visible is: color use should be opposite as described on the next column and it should be much lighter or much darker than the background.

If you don’t believe me, next time you go to a musical notice how this contrast is being used. The star of the show is not only in the spot light but also is wearing a color which stands out from the other performers.
Color has four properties: hue, value, intensity and temperature. Think of the color red, that’s the hue. Is it dark or light? That’s its value. Is it brilliant or dull? That’s its intensity. Is it warm or cool? That’s its temperature. Have fun. See if you can apply these four color facts to another color of your choice.

Here are the colors of the color star which are listed in opposites:
• Yellow / Violet
• Yellow-Orange / Blue-Violet
• Orange / Blue
• Red-Orange / Blue-Green
• Red / Green
• Purple / Yellow-Green

Use these CONNI – TIPS and you can stimulate, entertain, even dazzle your viewers.
Hope this makes you more aware of color use and gives you COLOR POWER.

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Author's Bio: 

Conni Gordon's Brief Biography
Conni Gordon was destined for stardom from birth. Born into a show business family, Conni was always a vivacious and charismatic personality, acting both as Master-of-Ceremonies and as the pianist for performers booked by her theatrical agent family.

Her bigger onstage career developed in the U.S. Marine Corps in WWII. When an entertainment act didn't appear, she showcased her ability to entertain and improvise by teaching mass group of 50,000 Marines to "Create Art-in-Minutes" in a show called "Draw Your Own Conclusions." The patented 4-step Conni Gordon Method© was developed from that astounding experience.

Conni's formal fine arts and philosophical studies continued at Columbia University and Ecole des Beaux-Arts in France. After offical recognition from Guinness Book of World Records as the "World's Most Prolific Art Teacher," conventions booked her to prove their groups could be more than they ever dreamed possible.

She has hosted and/or been a repeated guest on both National and international TV programs, including NBC, ABC, CBS, The 700 Club, PBS, BBC, and The Learning Channel. Her activities led to feature stories in the Wall Street Journal, National Enquirer, Parade Magazine, The Miami Herald, and The London Standard.

She holds the record for being on the "Tonight Show" since it started. She taught Steve Allen, Jack Paar, plus 4 times with Johnny Carson and 6 times with David Letterman.

Widely respected and admired, Conni has been blessed to have worked with the best in the art industry over several decades. Along the way, she's influenced many lives.

Conni has helped numerous Foundations raise money for charitable causes, including Arnold Schwarzenegger's Inner City Games, Miami Children's Hospital, Miami's Humane Sociaty, Adopt-A-Pet, and the Cancer Society Fund.

She continues to inspire others through corporate conventions, Paint-Along-Parties, televised events, and charity fund raisers.