As we explore the human experience and the flow of abundance in our lives, we discover that many people are living the life they truly desire to live. Furthermore, we discover the desire for prosperity is being fulfilled for so many. We also discover that many people are living the lives they want to live because they have invested time and energy in creativity. So, what about the rest of humanity? Why are there some people who are not experiencing the joy and miracles of life?

The answer may be escapism. You can not successfully create the life you truly desire while escaping your own existence. Moreover, without creating the life you desire, you will not experience wealth, success, optimal health, empowering relationships, love, devotion, peace, order, and wisdom. Escapism and creativity will not exist in the same mind at the same time.

In fact, famed actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, stated: The more I became comfortable with and liked my own life; the less I needed to become other people. Her statement was a reply to an interviewer’s question about her slowing down in her career.

Escapism isn’t reserved for actors. For some people dealing with the day in and day out routine of life is simply boring. So boring and mundane are people’s perceptions of themselves, that society has often found it easier to drift into alternate realities after being consumed with ideas of how life should be led.

Individuals are bombarded with images of material wealth possessed by the elite of society laced with illusions of a super glamorous and flawless existence. If society is made aware of any flaws, they’re usually glamorized and somewhat falsified. Observing the mega-millions of society’s elite, the accepted belief is that the grass is greener on the other side

Putting aside the illusion of what we perceive others to have, we must become consumed in dealing with our own lives. Why do some escape? Why do so many of us have trouble dealing with the reality of our own lives? And more importantly, what are some of the mechanisms we can use to begin to create our own life; the life we truly desire to live?

One reason for society’s drift into escapism is the result of our not being able to see ourselves as a co-creator with God. There is a false belief that we cannot get what it is that we want. Somehow we’ve become convinced that we have to downplay our own desires because of a lack of resources. We tell ourselves that no one can have everything they want. Distraught with one's perceived reality, we sit around and fantasize in our minds about a fanatical life we could live. The painful realization is that fantasizing is just a passive mechanism to escape into a world that we really don’t believe can happen; hence, fantasizing becomes a means used to pass time.

We are all guilty of indulging in fantasy. Unfortunately, fantasizing leaves one open to the current tide of the day’s activities. For example, if the dominant opinion of a culture is that a woman will have a hard time marrying in her forties, then that woman will have a difficult time finding a mate.

There are several steps which can be taken to create the life one desires to live. One of these steps is becoming aware that abundance and prosperity is a divine right. Becoming aware of your thoughts and then making slight shifts in your thinking will have an enormous impact on the life one creates.

Through your own creation, it is possible and reachable to get out of one’s own head and begin to live a life of bliss.

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