Contact center solutions come with a wide range of features that can be used to run different calling campaigns. It can run inbound, outbound and blended call campaigns. Furthermore, the contact center solution will track all inbound and outbound calls and give you huge data that can be used to aid various business decisions. The call center software benefits all different types of industry verticals. In this article, I will share details about the usage of various features of a contact center solution for an insurance company and how this solution increases return over investment of the insurance agency.

1. Provide the best customer service

It is a known fact that the contact center solution is provisioned with amazing features that make it the most powerful tool for any customer care department. The call center software will route the calls to the most skilled agent of the insurance company or the executive with whom the customer is comfortable talking. This will quickly resolve the queries and concerns of the customers and increase their satisfaction ratio. The contact center solution also comes with features like an IVR

(Interactive Voice Response) that will let client self serve himself without getting connected to any executive or agent which is a preferred option of many customers. Moreover, the contact center solution supports different types of communication channels such as,

• Voice call
• Video call
• Chat
• Fax
• Email
• Social Media

This lets the insurance companies leverage the benefits of unified communication via the communication mode preferred by their customers.

2. Perform seamless up selling and cross selling of different insurance policies

The contact center solution can definitely be used for direct lead generation campaigns with outbound calling. However, there is an amazing feature that lets an insurance company cross-sell and up sell the insurance policies and products seamlessly. It is called custom Music on Hold. This audio piece rings when a customer is waiting to get connected with an agent while in the call queue, or waiting for call transfer operation to be finished. Instead of a musical piece, you can put ads of the policies that this customer might be interested in based on his / her current policy and other behavioral data. This way you increase chances of lead generation and conversion without being too pushy.

3. Sell what is in demand

The contact center solution provides an extensive range of reports based on different criteria. You can get much valuable information from different campaigns to identify which policies are more in demand; which executive is good in selling a specific type of policy; etc. All this information can be used to define a better plan to increase sales and revenues of the company.


The core benefits you will get by using a contact center solution for your insurance agency are increasing customer satisfaction and staff productivity, making more sales and reducing cost. This will simply increase your return over investment.

Author's Bio: 

David is working in a company that offers an advanced contact center solution as well as VICIDial customization services to its global clients.