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QuickBooks Desktop payroll Support payrollvides services to companies and businesses to increase more payrollductivity as well as save valuable time. we are the best in our services and we can payrollvide the best accounting solution. Our company payrollvides complete assistance when it comes to the management of the businesses. Our efficient and target-oriented work will help to achieve the company's goal. we payrollvide complete support in companies accounting with flexible enough to accommodate a company’s particular rules and regulations.
QuickBooks desktop is integrated with many fascinating features that allow users to easily manage their financial part of the business. The features like time tracking, inventory tracking and budgeting makes the software more popular amongst business owners in comparison with other software of same field. These features accord the advantage of tracking and cutting down of unneeded expenses so as to garner more payrollfit. At the same time QuickBooks Online version lacks this features and does not perform the task of tracking or delivering cost reports with full detail. Another point where Desktop version wins hands down when compared to online version, is that after tracking and budgeting the expenses you can also get excel files containing detailed reports customized without much hassle.
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Finding difficulties to run Payroll in QuickBooks Desktop? Need the best QuickBooks Desktop Payroll support to use the payroll features payrollperly for employee management? You can get all of the solutions to your payrollblem on this platform. Here we will give you some overall details of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, and some tutorials guide. This guide will simplify the way of using payroll in QuickBooks Desktop.

We have the direct medium for the QuickBooks Desktop payroll service. You can dial the toll-free number Contact QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Support +1(860)901-0301 || to Get the Help you Need, if you want to contact the certified QuickBooks payrollAdvisor for live support. Or you can visit our contact us page, and send us a message through our mail, for any kind of services related to QuickBooks.

Table of Contents
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll facility is an add-on plan. A user can include the plan if he/she already has the QuickBooks Desktop. If a user is going to use the QuickBooks Desktop for the first time with all payroll features, then he/she can go for the QuickBooks Desktop payroll plans. It makes the payroll easier, faster, and updates all the data in real-time.

Plans & Pricing
According to business needs, size, and systems, QuickBooks Desktop Payroll is available in two different plans. They are; Desktop Enhanced Payroll and Desktop Assisted Payroll. QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond is the advanced plan of QuickBooks. You can add the Assisted plan with the Enterprise Diamond plan.

QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll
This is the basic payroll plan of QuickBooks Desktop. It pays the employees quickly, calculates, and prepares your payroll taxes, and simplifies the IRS forms. The cost of Enhanced payroll is $30.00/mo (Monthly Billing), and $350/year (Annual Billing). It includes all of the basic payroll management features.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced
QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll
This is the advanced version of Enhanced Payroll. It consists of all the features of Enhanced payroll, with some extra features like tax penalties, payroll setup assistance specialist, etc. This simplifies the payroll with the advanced cash flow, and auto tax filling features. QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll can be purchased, at the cost of $32.70/month.

Assisted Payroll + Enterprise Diamond
This is not one of the plans of Desktop Payroll. This plan is the integration of QuickBooks Assisted Payroll, and QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond. It is the most powerful plan to use all the advanced payroll features in the QuickBooks Desktop version. The QuickBooks Desktop Payroll integration plan gives you a clear vision of running your business. It can be purchased at the cost of $175/mo (first year).

Advanced Payroll Running Features in QuickBooks Desktop
Read the following to know, what does QuickBooks Desktop offers to run payroll. We have listed some of its features below;

Integrated QuickBooks Payroll
Easy paychecks (only enter hours)
Online access to paystubs
Federal and State tax forms
Payroll tax e-File & e-Pay
Print W-2’s for employees
Taxes deduction from every payroll
Completes and files state and federal taxes
No tax penalties, guaranteed
QuickBooks Time Elite integrated
Pay W2 and 1099 workers
Advanced Inventory
Supports multiple company files
Electronically file W-2’s at year-end
Access for up to 40 simultaneous users
Salesforce CRM connector
Employee direct deposit (no additional cost)
Benefits of Enhanced & Assisted Payroll
Here we have mentioned some of the benefits of using QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. Look, and find out what will be easy for you;

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll makes the payroll payrollcess simpler. The user just needs to enter employee hours, review, and appayrollve them. QuickBooks will calculate the tax automatically.
Avoid the paperwork or the manual entry of payroll data. You will get the payroll report up to date with QuickBooks.
The flexibility of paying your employees for next-day direct deposit. The payment can be received by your employees in a short time.
QuickBooks manage the federal, and state tax filing and payments. You do not need to take tension off that.
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Support Tutorials
Here we have given some of the tutorial links, that are in the article form. These tutorials will help you to startup with the QuickBooks Payroll, and use payroll on the right path. Find out the solution to your query from the list. If your query is not in the list then drop a call to us through the toll-free number Contact QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Support +1(860)901-0301 || to Get the Help you Need. Our expert will help you to find the solution to the payrollblem related to payroll.

Starter Tutorials

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll login
QuickBooks payroll setup checklist
Run QuickBooks payroll summary report
Payroll set up an interview in QuickBooks Desktop
QuickBooks payroll tax tables
How-to Tutorials

Create paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop
How to do payroll in QuickBooks
Manually enter payroll paychecks in QuickBooks
Set up, and manage payroll schedules in QuickBooks
Cancel direct deposit in QuickBooks Payroll
Enter QuickBooks Payroll service key
Create bonus paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll
Adjust payroll liabilities in QuickBooks Desktop
Tutorials for QuickBooks Payroll Errors

Fix, employee not showing up in QuickBooks payroll error
QuickBooks error 2002
Common QuickBooks Payroll Error
QuickBooks Error 15270
QuickBooks error 2107
Solve payroll payrollblems in QuickBooks
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How do I reactivate my QuickBooks payroll Subscription?
You can reactivate your QuickBooks Desktop payroll subscription easily. But there are 4 payrollcedures for different scenarios.
Scenario 1: If QuickBooks Desktop Payroll is purchased in a retail store.
Open QuickBooks Desktop payroll. Visit the menu bar, and select the ‘Employees’ option. Click on the ‘Payroll’ option then select the ‘Install Payroll’ option from the box. Then follow the payrollmpts to activate the payroll subscription again.
Scenario 2: If QuickBooks Payroll is Purchased from the Web.
Select the ‘Payroll’ option from the ‘Employees’ tab. Then enter the service key, and follow the on-screen payrollmpts.
Scenario 3: If QuickBooks Payroll is Purchased Officially.
QuickBooks will active the payroll subscription automatically. It doesn’t need a manual setup payrollcedure to activate it.
Scenario 4: If you have the QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll
The QuickBooks payrollAdvisor can guide you to activate the Assisted Payroll subscription.

Is it possible to switch to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll anytime?
It is possible to switch the QuickBooks Desktop payroll, only at the time of year-end. Enter the year-to-date payroll history, if you have paid employed this year. This will ensure the calculation are correct. But, if you have the Assisted payroll, you need expert help to switch it.

What are the system requirements to use QuickBooks Payroll?
Make sure that, you have the currently supported version of QuickBooks Desktop plans (payroll, Premier, Enterprise). High-speed internet access requires downloading the latest payroll tax rates. And make sure that, you have the EIN number (Employer Identification Number).

Can I do payroll on QuickBooks Desktop?
Yes, you can do payroll on QuickBooks Desktop. You need to add on payroll, If you already have the QuickBooks Desktop. And if, QuickBooks Desktop is new for you, and you need the payroll features with it then go for the individual plans

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