Matthew 16:3 proclaims our failings as mankind to choose what to discern.
The question evoked, “O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky,” as concern.

Then Matthew proclaims, “But can ye not discern the signs of the times?”
Our television broadcasts the weather forecast over, and over reciting local crimes.

Complete degradation of character, with men loving their own selves, is a few signs.
Let us list covetous, boaster, prideful, blasphemers, disobedient to parents as sin dines.

Proliferation of unthankful, unholy, missing natural affection, are even more offences.
2 Timothy 3:1 outlines all of these with trucebreakers, false accusers, in the trenches.

More those are incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors listed, too.
Heady, high-minded, loving pleasure more than God, as the list continues through.

Yes, we are in perilous times that prelude the last days with women led away with lust.
Those that are ever learning, yet never having the ability to know the truth are a digust.

The message further exclaims that the folly of corrupt minds shall manifest.
This meaning as with Moses dealt with those of reprobate regarding faith to detest.

How do these all tie into the contemplation of ending PTSD?
We need to rebuke the evil-spirited thoughts, and actions of such, you see.

Follow instead, those things that bring about acts of gratefulness, and being kind.
Doing so counteracts perilous emotions of fear, lust, and anger that destroy the mind.

Paul outlines for us his doctrine as what manner we should live our own lives, too.
Be determined to find our purpose through what suffering we have been through.

Know that the virtues of charity and patience counteract feelings of mental neglect.
If you are reading this poem now you have endured persecution as a positive effect.

“How so could this be a positive effect?” you might be mulling over in your mind.
As we are still alive declares that Christ has set us aside with a purpose of some kind.

All those that wish to live a godly life will suffer persecution, Paul has stated.
The fact that God had delivered him from each and every one makes those acts negated.

What a revelation that our trauma served a higher purpose that others have gained, too.
We can turn our trauma around, defining a destiny to fulfill that does not make us blue.

Now with the ending of times, we can include the final end of our PTSD.
Contemplate on doing good by our testimony proclaiming God’s glory, you see.

Reflect on the knowledge that no thing that we have been through was in vain.
Through prayer, and intention it will be revealed in meaning to our gain.

Be comforted that those evil men, seducers of such, have an end, so be relieved.
Paul tells us, “They will wax worse, and worse deceiving, and being deceived.”

Having a forgiving mind-set (for all that offended,) will push us forward.
Then, adding a grateful heart for surviving shall enable us to thrive onward!

Author's Bio: 

I am a Qigong, and Kundalini Reiki Practitioner, and experienced Social Worker skilled in Veterans PTSD. I was a victim, and now turned victor twice of PTSD (once as a child losing my mother to suicide and then as a mother.) I use this process giving Workshops on PTSD Healing in Poetry that will become standard practice. The poetry heals negative emotions (one or two at a time in rhyme) making it a safe place to share. We stay in the present (while not reliving any trauma.) Next is the connection to our Higher Power (Jesus is mine) that transforms sorrow into strength to help self, and others regain peace and joy.
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