Control without owning

What is the secret..its called called "lease purchase." You control the Realestate but you actually dont own the property using a lease purchase agreement.

A lease purchase (or "lease option") agreement gives you the right to occupancy as well as the right (but not the obligation) to purchase the property at a pre-negotiated, fixed price.

You don't need credit, nor a loan from the bank. You simply have to as they say wheel and deal with the homeowner. You get them to agree to Lease it with a small amount of option money.

Once you have control of the property you can use some creative techniques to sublease, assign or sell your rights under the agreement. Let me tell you about one of the first deals I ever did using this method.

I sent about 1,000 postcards to owners of property in my area who are motivated sellers (they want to get rid of their home and will do whatever it takes to sell it)

A man called me about his home that was not in a great area
and I managed to lease the home for $250 month (and I wouldnt pay until move in) and a $1000 option to buy amount (to state Im interested in buying the home for $40K in 5 years)

I improved the home buy painting it and cleaning it up, and put it in the paper as a Lease Option to Buy.

The house was worth about $75,000 in fixed-up condition. It needed about $5,000 in paint,etc., mostly cosmetic stuff.
He was renting the house for $250 which was very low. So I rented it for $600 with a $1k option.

I agreed to rent his house for $250/month for five years. This would cover his mortgage. I also agreed to evict his tenant without charge.
With my lease agreement, I also required that the owner give me an "option" to purchase for the balance of his mortgage, which was $40,000.

Let's look at what I negotiated so far:

Lease term: 5years
Monthly rent: $250
Purchase option: $40,000

I lease for 5 years
Monthly rent: $600
Purchase Option : $60K

Profit per month: $400
Profit on the Purchase Price of the Home $20K
Profit on the Downpayment: $4k

Total Profit: $24,400..

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Miss Taylor Morrison is an expert in the field of Lease with Option to Buy. She trains men and women how to make money Investing in Realestate and Partnering with her

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