When someone asks you who are your heroes? I guess we all tend to be glib and talk about sportsmen, pop artists or actors but if pushed will talk about great men and women like Ghandi and Mother Teresa or maybe the young solider on the front line putting their life at risk. What is it about the media hyped individuals that we so readily accept them as heroes or role models? They all lead successful lives show a dedication to their chosen fields, show great positivity and, more often than not, earn a great deal of money - what's not to admire about that? But that's not real life, is it? It's not as if you or I could achieve health, wealth and happiness just by dedication and positivity, is it?

YES IT IS! With dedication and a positive attitude YOU can achieve all the things you've only dreamed about through Cosmic ordering. Cosmic ordering and the cosmos, the law of attraction and the universe, the secret, positive thinking….It really doesn’t matter what name, label or tag you choose, all are one and the same. They are not some sort of craze or a new invention, manifesting what you want has been going on for thousands of years.

So back to the modern day heroes, they all show dedication and belief in their abilities and all appear to assume the outcome of their lives will be positive. When a footballer takes a penalty is he thinking "I hope I score?" unlikely, when a golfer needs to hole a putt for the open is he thinking "if only this would go in I'll be OK" don't think so. The next time you watch your favourite actor being given an award, think how confident they are almost as if they were expecting to win, they don't look as if they're wondering "How did I get to be so lucky" do they?

You can be sure that in their minds these successful people already know the outcome and it's POSITIVE. That's something we can admire and learn from and use during our cosmic ordering, dedication and belief that's one of the big "secrets" behind cosmic ordering - and I've just given it away!

If there was a Magic Circle for Cosmic Ordering they'd probably throw me out, like that TV program about "Breaking the magician's code", but it's true the main prerequisites for achieving all you really want to are dedication and belief, (so Roy Castle was only half right, for those of you old enough to remember him) but if you truly want to improve your life then Cosmic Ordering can and will help you.

I was trying to explain to someone recently why despite numerous and frequent attempts at Cosmic Ordering, including filling out a form on the internet they still didn't have a new car, job, holiday, diamond necklace etc. etc. The first thing I asked was what did they actually want to manifest? All of it was the inevitable answer but this person was wishing for this, hoping for that and not focusing on anything that would yield true life enhancing changes. I asked them how would they drive from London to Birmingham? "Straight up the M1" she said, "So not round and round the M25?" I asked "Of course not!"

So focus on what you really want, believe in what YOU can achieve and make today the day that you start to take control and stop letting things happen to you instead of happening because of you and stop driving round and round the M25!

Author's Bio: 

Carole Davies is a Cosmic Ordering expert with first hand experience of manifesting lasting happiness and is now offering to help you do the same. www.caroledavies.com