Gone are the days when an academic qualification or a high grade in college exams used to fetch a good job for career aspirants & employment seekers. Times have changed drastically and it has become competitive than ever. People are prepared to take a giant leap or the plunge and go for new professional courses or acquire new skills in order to lend a significant value to their portfolio and CV.

Even those who are meritorious or have technical degrees are also getting lost in the crowd. But learning a foreign language can surely do the trick especially when globalization has spread its wings. One language that is worth learning is Norwegian. It is a language that had its origin in North Germany & spoken mainly in Norway, where it is given the status of an official language. Like Swedish, Finnish, and Danish, Norwegian is also a popular Nordic language.

Those who can speak the language fluently can outshine others and stand out in the crowd. Employers too are giving the language priority in their recruitment process and those who have become certified by pursuing a Norwegian language course in Kolkata stand a great chance to avail lucrative jobs in diverse sectors.

There are many profiles which require fluency in the popular Scandinavian language including flight attendants, tour guides, customer care agents, liaison officers, custom services, translators, correspondents, editors and others. Norwegian language learners can surely get an edge in the interviews and while applying for these vacancies in top companies across India and overseas. These jobs are not only prestigious but also fetch high annual remuneration packages of CTC.

Those with proficiency in the language can also opt for trainer jobs in schools, colleges, universities and foreign language training institutes. There are also options to work as Norwegian lecturer online. With foreign language training becoming mandatory in the curriculum of schools, colleges, & universities, the demand of trainers and lecturers has increased drastically.

In job interviews, they can thrive easily and get appointed in the job with their skills and knowledge in the language along with their educational qualification. A Norwegian language course in Kolkata will add a significant value to the CV which will impress the employers & help them proceed in further rounds of interviews & progress on. A pleasant personality with excellent communication skills bears fruit in all job interviews so candidates possessing both can be an achiever and stay miles ahead of others.

For learning a foreign language like Norwegian, it's important to stay focused and motivated otherwise success may elude them. It might take longer than one may expect to gain fluency in the language. But by enrolling in the course they can get guided and trained by experts. Candidates will get tips, tricks, topic notes, suggestions as well as be able to take part in discussions & workshops. There will also be thorough practical sessions which will enhance the skills & competencies of the job seekers & make them more confident.

After successfully completing the course, they can apply for various jobs in diverse sectors like education, law, healthcare, manufacturing, IT, Aviation, hospitality, tourism etc.

The hospitality, travel, and aviation sectors are the prominent sectors that recruit those who know Norwegian language and can speak it fluently. It's because the employees have to show hospitality of the highest orders and greet customers, and focus on building relationship with them. These sectors utilize communication skills the most since they include travel agencies, hotels, resorts, cruises, shopping malls, aviation, amusement & recreation centers etc.

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Laxmon Gope is a renowned freelance content writer and digital marketing specialist. Prior to writing this article on Norwegian language course in Kolkata, he worked as a foreign language specialist and researcher in a reputed university.