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Every player has heard of the big online slot developers like NetEnt and Microgaming, these are huge names in the slot development world. While there might be significantly less who know the backstories to these companies, they have heard of them.

Smaller developers often lack the name recognition of larger companies. Crazy Tooth is actually a slot development company which has been around many years now, unfortunately many players will not have heard of them - try playing Sweetie Land. Below you’ll find out about the Crazy Tooth slots developer as well as a small review of them.

Who are Crazy Tooth?

Crazy Tooth are a slots developer that have been creating slot games for players to enjoy since their inception in 2011. Originating out of Nevada in the United States, Crazy Tooth work as a partner with Microgaming today creating all sorts of content for the online casino.

Their motto, quality always wins, should tell you everything you need to know about the studio. Crazy Tooth pride themselves on being a full service games development company, all the way from the initial idea to the installation. The main game development framework they use is called CRS Arsenal as it allows them to create quality content efficiently.

Crazy Tooth are solely focused on the development of online slot games, so they do not also make dealer games or land based machines.

What Slots have they Developed?

Crazy Tooth have developed a whole range of slots, covering a wide range of themes as well as fun gameplay variations and bonuses.

Ancient Warriors

Utilising a theme that explores classic Asian culture, Ancient Warriors gives players the opportunity to visit the days of the Ancient Samurai as they try to find the lost treasures buried beneath. Ancient Warriors is graphically beautiful, it manages to capture the east Asian aesthetic wonderfully and the sound effects really help to immerse players in their forgien world. There are four reels and six rows, with an RTP of 96% and a very high volatility.

Lady Earth

Experience the amazing and sometimes terrifying elemental power of Lady Earth in this slot. Players will enjoy the unique theme that Crazy Tooth has decided to use, it certainly helps to make the slot stand out in the crowd.

The colours that this game uses provide the slot with a mythical feel. The symbols are all original creations which seek to emulate ancient stones. Visually, the game is beautiful. Some aspects of the slot may not be every player's first choice, there is the low potential of the slot which is only over 400 times your initial stake.

For a slot that has features which promise to increase your win to galactic proportions that is very small. For high roller players this slot is not one that they should try.

Final Thoughts

As Crazy Tooth are a relatively small studio, they have to do more to stand out from the crowd. Crazy Tooth pride themselves on making slots that explore unique and different themes, these risks can be a little hit or miss sometimes.

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