A crypto casino or dapp casinos is an online casino where players make use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to deposit and play on the casino.

These casinos resemble typical online casinos, but only differs in their deposit and payout methods. Some crypto casinos also work with regular fiat (normal money) deposit as well, some people called these as “Hybrid Casinos.”

In many countries, online gambling is not legalized though, or even strictly prohibited. There your bank may refuse to proceed with transactions to and from online casinos.

Players Benefit from Crypto Casinos

Cryptocurrency casinos provide players with a broad range of options that influence a player’s gaming strategy. A player can enjoy the benefit from the experience that these brands have accumulated with time but now pay with a different currency. These advancements are encouraging a vigorous demand for crypto casinos as they accept a large number of different possible cryptocurrencies, allowing brands to design special bonuses and offers directed at each kind of player.

Moreover, as cryptocurrency is not considered as real money in many states, it is not subjected to taxes.

Advantages of Crypto Casinos

Many brands have enabled payments with other cryptocurrencies, taking advantage of the Altcoin, thus effectively behaving as crypto casinos. This execution helps them gain many benefits, such as a huge number of players to appeal to.

  1. More jackpots denominated in different cryptocurrencies.
  2. Benefits of payments and withdraws, considering fee and the speed of the transactions.
  3. More privacy for their players, more specifically when enabling Monero payments.

Pros & Cons of Crypto Casinos

Obviously, online cryptocurrency casinos also possess both pros and cons. The main benefit of gambling with cryptocurrency is that no middle man is required (e.g. banks) and thus there is less payment fee and more quick to bet and then cash out.


  • Provably Fair (Blockchain)
  • Quick Deposits/Withdrawals
  • No Identity Checks (KYC)
  • Cheaper Deposit & Withdrawal Fees
  • No Chargebacks


  • Less Regulation
  • Possible restrictions
  • May be Illegal in your area

Is It Legal or not?

Crypto casino is a bold endeavor, thus most people are careful about the legality of it. After all, everyone wants to be cautious about his online activity all time.

It solely depends on your jurisdiction, whether or not it is legal to gamble online with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Usually, it is legal but of course, you must always check what your local laws say about it.

In some countries, there is a restriction on crypto casinos or say online gambling with traditional payment methods.

However, some basic rules may be applied from the traditional gambling industry including a minimum age of 18 years old and the safe gambling guidelines.

It’s pretty early on in the crypto gambling space, therefore there are a limited amount of regulatory details available but when there is, I’ll be sure to update this article as appropriate.


Crypto-based online casinos hold various significant advantages over traditional ones.  Few of these come from under-regulation and are less reliable as they might vanish with time or prove as temporary while others are built-in and thus more useful.

Like with everything, some vulnerabilities come with Crypto casinos, but it is always the case possible with revolutionary innovations.

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