Crystals lend themselves particularly well to emotional healing. For sure, there are many ways to tap-into the energy in a crystal – the easiest (and often most effective) is to simply carry a piece in a pocket or wear it as jewellery.
This are few further specific suggestions of ways for us to use crystals for the harmonizing of our lives:
Aura Protection
As we go about our everyday lives we come into contact with many different people. On a quantum level their thoughts and energy can quite literally pollute our cells and aura. In Crystal Healing this kind of people pollution is believed to be a cause of some stress and illnesses. Wearing or carrying a piece of pure Amber (no insect inclusions) is thought to protect our auras from the energy of others.
Back Pain
This requires five pieces of tumble-polished Hematite of at least 2cm each in size.
Recent surveys have proved that more working hours are lost to back pain each year than pretty much anything else. The method of healing that follows is one I developed in the 1990’s to help those who are suffering from back pain. This type of crystal healing is one that can only be undertaken with two people, you will see why in a moment.
You will be placing the crystals along the spine of the person you are treating. Firstly, have them lay down on their front and get as comfortable as they are able to. Use nice relaxing ambient music to create a pleasant environment for the healing to take place in. Starting at the lower base of the spine, place a Hematite and then place the rest at equal spaces all the way up to the final one, which is to go at the neck. Have them remain in this position for approx. 15-20 minutes and then remove the crystals starting at the top and working down.
If there is pain centred in a particular place on the back, place the five Hematite stones around the pain and again leave for 15-20 minutes. Treat as often as every day, but not more than once in the same day. If you suffer from back pain, as one who has personally recovered from a spinal injury, I send extra healing to you and the wish for a full recovery and pain free future!
Quartz Points In Crystal Healing
You will need one unpolished quartz point at least 5-6cm long.
If you wish to direct healing energy to a particular point on the body, for a specific problem such as muscle strains, stomach ache, headaches or injuries, then a Quartz Point is the ideal tool.
This is the type of healing that you can only practice for another person, by its very nature you are projecting your personal energy into the person to be healed. Hold the crystal in the hand that you write with and point it straight at the area to be healed. As you do this imagine “healing energy” or white light travelling down your arm, through and out of the tip of the crystal. People have reported that the area being treated can start to feel warm as this healing takes place. When it begins to feel cooler stop the healing – that is all that is required for now. This method can be repeated every day, but not more than once in the same day.
Amethyst For Health
You will need either a piece of tumble-polished Amethyst or jewellery containing Amethyst Gems.
Amethyst is one of the most highly regarded stones amongst Crystal Healers. It could be said, if you can only ever buy one crystal, better you make it an Amethyst. It is thought to have an almost limitless number of potential applications in healing. Some of these reputed uses include relieving pain, treating headaches, reducing hangovers, and immune system boosting – to name but a few. One of the easiest ways to experience the beneficial effects of Amethyst is to simply carry a tumble-polished piece upon your person or wear jewellery containing genuine Amethyst Gems.
Sleep Stone
You will need a tumble-polished piece of Grey Banded Agate.
Some people find it difficult to unwind and relax at the end of the day, Grey Agate is the stone of choice for helping to get a good night’s sleep. Before retiring for the night place, the stone under your pillow – this is said to help us let go of unwanted thoughts that are cluttering the mind and relax into a peaceful sleep.
Crystal Gazing (Scrying)
Classically the image is of the gypsy fortune teller, having had her palm crossed with silver, gazing into her crystal ball catching glimpses of the future for her clients.
Whilst a crystal ball is a good focal point for channelling our energy, natural Rock Crystal/Quartz in the form of unpolished quartz points or clusters can work even better in many cases. Even a nice clear tumble-polished Rock Crystal can be used for crystal gazing, with the added benefit it is rather more portable than a crystal ball, being able to be carried in a pocket or bag wherever we go.
A note of caution for anyone considering purchasing a crystal ball is to ensure it is made from genuine Quartz/Rock Crystal; many out there are constructed using artificially fused Quartz or even actually glass! It doesn’t have to be perfectly clear either. Another point is that some people do prefer another type of crystal altogether as their scrying (crystal gazing) focal point – examples being Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Amethyst or Smokey Quartz. Dowse for yourself for the answers and as always go with what feels right for you, intuition is the perfect guide when listened to.
Quartz or Rock Crystal acts as a magnifier of our emotions, thoughts and feelings. Personally, I find if I meditate while wearing a Quartz Point pendant the insights gained tend to be deeper and the experience is more consciousness expanding.
There are large Quartz Points weighing anything upwards of a kilo; these make excellent meditation pieces. I once buried one of these next to a tree I regularly meditated by and believe me the insights gained during that time were definitely transcendent!
For protection when meditating have a Smokey Quartz point in the room or upon your person. For journeying during meditation hold a piece of Rutilated Quartz in the hand you write with or wear jewellery containing this crystal.

Author's Bio: 

Dean Fraser published his first book in 1998, the original (and first in the series) Unlock Your Life With Pendulum Dowsing – Anyone Can Dowse, which went on to introduce over ten thousand people to dowsing in a little under two years within his native UK.
A qualified Body Language Psychologist and Life Coach, over the past decade Dean has contributed articles on dowsing to countless international magazines. His mission is to bring the wonders of dowsing into the lives of as many more people as possible, to share in this incredible phenomenon.