Banks offer an exchange for an amount but the Forex rates are not flexible. Then there are money changers who offer money exchange, but again with constant rates and added charges.

The best way for currency exchange on BookMyForex is through the online forex process. Forex sites offer great exchange rates and free delivery so it saves time and effort both.

The features of online exchange
An online site like offers forex rates that are updated after every three seconds. You'll have an option to freeze a rate for three days. The site also offers special notification feature online.

If your desired rate matches the rate you choose on-site, you'll receive notification from the site. You'll be able to save on added costs and charges. The best part is provides you with easy home delivery on foreign currency.

It offers home delivery in popular areas of Bangalore like Koramangala, Malleswaram, Whitefield, Krpuram, Rajajinagar, Indiranagar, Electronic city, Rtnagar, and Vijayanagar.

The other features of Forex site offers added features like Forex card and Travelers' cheque on exchange. A Forex card gives you the freedom to purchase anything on a foreign trip. It is a preloaded card with the currency of the place you are visiting. A traveler's cheque is issued in the currency of the place as well.

The site offers amazing customer service. If you get stuck with the exchange process, you'll receive help from the site. With referral and loyalty programs, you'll be able to save money as well.

There are time constraints with a hectic lifestyle. With online Forex sites, you'll not only receive the best rates on currency exchange in india but also same-day delivery.

Just log in to the site and add your amount and location along with the rate. The online payment option is secured and safe.

Are you heading to an international location, then choose for currency exchange. Stop paying added charges on foreign currency exchange, its time you save your money.

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BookMyForex is the World’s first online marketplace for currency exchange and international remittance.