Finding good research paper examples online are becoming more difficult to find. As professors and teachers are using plagiarism-checking software, samples of any type of writing are becoming more difficult to find. If you are looking for a custom research paper, samples are practically non-existent because students, professors, and writing companies have figured out how to protect student writing.

Where the Samples Went

Custom writing companies do not send their products through their websites anymore. Since teachers use plagiarism checkers that search the Internet, writing companies have to provide students with their essays through email because of the privacy. This makes it more difficult to find essays to use as examples, even if you really only plan to use them as examples. By sending essays through emails, companies and clients protect their reputations.

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Where to Get the Best Samples Today

Before the Internet and the influx of custom essay writing services, students had to ask their teachers for actual examples. Most teachers keep sample papers from previous years and they are always willing to share them with students who need to see samples. Students can benefit from seeing samples from their teachers because teachers have already made comments, so you can see what your teacher specifically likes and dislikes in previous research papers.

Custom Research Paper Sample

If you do ask for sample papers to see, you will need to return them to the teacher. If your teacher allows you to keep it overnight, you can always make a copy so you have the sample to look at while you are working. You could also snap a picture of the research paper pages with your smartphone so you have digital copy.

When you use a student copy as a sample, you should be sure that you do not lift any phrases or ideas from the sample. Teachers remember the essays and research papers, especially the good ones that they save to use as samples. Since research papers tend to be very important parts of classes, your teachers will expect that you create a high quality, unique paper.

Teachers for Help

Use Your Teachers for Help

Many students will turn to bad examples of papers for support, when they can just as easily turn to their teachers. If you are having difficulty crafting your research paper, you should contact your teacher. Before you approach your teacher, decide exactly what you want to ask because teachers have difficulty with the statement, “I don’t get it.” If you ask a specific question, your teacher will be able to help you right away.

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