The great battles are not won by the arms. That would be too primitive: To kill in order to live belongs to the inferior kingdom.
If you want to reach success, recognition and self improvement, do not look for applause, which is only the noise of the street, a passing light that will soon be off.

Be conscious of your actions. Be responsible and think it over carefully before making a decision. Do not look for easy or too complex solutions.
Adapt to the circumstances with intelligence and the sovereignty that a king would have with his kingdom.
Look beyond the moment, concentrate in the lasting good. Then, you will be different, just as the thorn is from the rose and the darnel from the wheat.

Be noble and fair... always. Listen to the voice of others and specially to the voice of your people. Do not close your hands if somebody asks from yours.
Do not allow your lips to be silent, let your words and your breath to cover and protect the innocent, the weak, the needy.

Do not believe that you know everything. Look for God during tough times. Open your heart and understand that the reason of living is to give as much and even more of what you can.

Cultivate responsibility, protect all, great and small. Preserve the value of things. Seize what is good. Listen to advice. Be humble of heart, but at the same time, you must have the greatest ambition of the world, which is that some day soon, will find Peace, Happiness, Justice and Love.

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Master Oscar Basurto Carbonell is dedicated to increase your spiritual awareness and to propel the human spirit forward, bringing a remarkable grace and beauty into Your life.