One of the things I’ve been doing this month to kick-start my productivity this year is de-cluttering my life both physically and emotionally. I’m have a wonderful time with this process and reaping amazing results to boot. This article explains the process and I recommend you do some de-cluttering too. It’s a process I’ve used with clients for years and they ALWAYS report having more time, fun and money as a result. That’s a terrific return on the energy to expend de-cluttering.

De-Cluttering your life is an extremely liberating exercise. There are many types of clutter that can hinder you from having the quality of life you want and deserve. There is clutter that is in your mind as negative self-talk, clutter that physically exists in your home, car and office, such as old newspapers waiting to be recycled, stacks of magazines you will never read, old clothes that are destined for Good Will because they no longer suit your style or size, etc.

There is also another form of clutter, often referred to as “tolerations.” Tolerations are all those nagging little things that drain your energy every time you encounter them. Tolerations include the physical clutter described above that you think about but don’t do anything to change as well as things like that broken toaster that only toasts one side of the bread, the whistling kettle that no longer whistles and those phone calls you’ve been meaning to make for two weeks. This kind of clutter/tolerations fills up time and space in your life by its very existence and drains you of your vital energy. When you begin to reduce, and then eliminate, your clutter/tolerations, they stop draining your energy and you then get to use all of your energy to manifest what you really want in your life.

What would your life be like if you had no tolerations and effortlessly manifested all of your desires?

So, what are you tolerating in your life right now, today, this very minute? What broken down things, messes, eyesores, unsatisfactory conditions and circumstances, and behaviors (yours and those of others) have you been accepting and living with that you could change or eliminate to immediately improve your quality of life? What has been draining your energy unnecessarily under the guise that “that’s just how life is?” All these little annoyances add up to cost you big chunks of your time and energy and are well worth eliminating.

Take some time to de-clutter your life this week. Make a list of your top 10-50 tolerations that you could get started on eliminating today. Imagine if these tolerations were completely gone from your life 30 days from now. How would your life be better then? What could you accomplish with all that extra time and energy? Take action to eliminate all the things you are tolerating in your life. Cross items off your list as you eliminate them. Make a second list of your top 10 big tolerations that may take a while to eliminate and get started! Share your list with your coach or a friend for support and encouragement.

One of the amazing things about getting started with the de-cluttering process is that after you make your list and start whittling away at it, you’ll notice that some of your tolerations seem to eliminate themselves. Acknowledging to yourself that you will no longer settle for less than exactly what you want sends a powerful message to the universe which then pitches in the help you success.

Celebrate your successes and have fun with this process.

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