For some people their bathroom is just the room where they get ready for the day, eliminate waste, and store their hygiene products. Still others like to transform their bathroom into a personal spa. While no one likes to talk about it, the bathroom is a vital, necessary part of all homes. For those who practice, or want to practice, Feng Shui in their homes, this room absolutely can’t be ignored. Certain decorating strategies are necessary to ensure that this room is in accord with the ancient Chinese philosophy. While bathrooms weren’t part of the original Feng Shui tradition, since it was created before indoor plumbing, you can still arrange your bathroom to complete the benefits involved in Feng Shui. Feng Shui and bathroom design will further provide a calm, soothing home for all of the occupants.

The good news is that in Feng Shui and bathroom usage, the bathroom is closely related to the element of water. Let’s face it; the majority of purposes in the bath are connected to water in one way or another. Water represents cash flow and prosperity in addition to the career aspect of life and prosperity. Ensuring that this room is designed in the Feng Shui tradition can help improve those areas of your life tremendously.

On the other hand, it can’t be ignored that the bathroom is also used for elimination. Whether it is through the toilet or down the shower drain, this room is used for getting rid of toxins. Luckily when the proper Feng Shui and bathroom practices are followed, you can reduce the effects of negative chi, while increasing the helpful water element.

The first thing that needs to be done to Feng Shui friendly your bathroom is to give the room a thorough cleaning. Products sitting on the sink or the back of the toilet need to find a proper home if they are essential to your hygiene. If not, it’s time to get rid of the unnecessary items. Clutter is counterproductive to a good chi flow, and especially in the bathroom it is vital to keep this space debris free. Don’t forget to include under the sink and any linen closets in this process. They count too, and leaving them unorganized is not going to help you in combining good Feng Shui and bathroom décor.

Now that you have the bathroom clean and ready for its Feng Shui makeover, let’s talk colors. There is no need to go overboard on elaborate color schemes. Bright colors are distracting and not beneficial to the Feng Shui and bathroom design. Your best bets are neutral colors like cream and light blue. If that isn’t going to work for you, at least use a color that is relaxing and muted.

As far as the fixtures in the bathroom go, it is very important that they are all in excellent working order. Leaking facets represent your money and prosperity flowing down the drain. Be sure the sink and bath tub facets shut off effectively. Noisy drains are an issue as well. If you have a problem with any of these plumbing issues, and can’t fix them yourself, don’t hesitate to call in a professional to get you started on your way. Feng Shui and bathroom maintenance work best when all of the fixtures are working properly.

The non water element fixtures serve a purpose as well. For example the mirror should be as large as the space above the sink allows. Since you prepare for your day in the bathroom, it is important for you to have a clear, bright vision of yourself every day. The recent trend of placing a mirror split in two in the bathroom isn’t in touch with good Feng Shui and bathroom design.

It is essential to make sure your bathroom is as pleasant as possible. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure that the negative aspects of the bathroom are controlled and don’t cause any problems with the flow of positive chi. The use of crystals is helpful in creating and activating good energy.

Another thing to watch out for is if your bathroom is opposite your kitchen. It doesn’t take a genius to determine why this is not good for the flow of chi. If you do find yourself in this type of situation, the easiest solution is to always keep the bathroom door closed. It is also beneficial to leave the toilet lid down when not in use. Anything you can do to keep the negative chi from escaping into the kitchen and the rest of the house is a step in the right direction.

Feng Shui and bathroom design and placement are an important part of providing your family with a harmonious environment. Color choices and fixture maintenance are essential in allowing a positive energy flow.

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Candace Czarny “Award Winning” Interior Designer, Subtle Energy Expert and author of the best selling “20 Minute Feng Shui” is launching her newest work “The Master’s Secret Key” at , a short work design to inspire the reader to self-empowerment.
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