Prosperity and the Law of Attraction work hand in hand to create abundance in your life. You cannot separate one from the other. If you are creating prosperity in your life, then you are using the Law of Attraction to become prosperous even if you are not consciously aware you are doing this!

This is not about another marketing scheme that the Internet is littered with nor is this a lot of hard laborious work. Although found within some religious teachings, creating prosperity with the Law of Attraction is not religious but more spiritual in nature.

The Law of Attraction can be explained in science and metaphysical teachings alike. This law is a principle that we use all of the time, whether we are aware of this action taking place or not.

What we hold in our consciousness is broadcast to the universal consciousness returning to us what we send out. We cannot hold onto our thoughts without releasing them. Our thoughts are action events that are made up of vibrational waves of energy that reach out for the return. In this way, we are creating our own reality.

When we are focused in a life of being needy and poor, a life of scarcity, we are sending this vibrational signal the universal consciousness sends back to us. If we are living in a positive state, we send out signals that resonate on a higher frequency that the universe answers on that frequency. Our return is abundance, more of what makes us live a prosperous life.

The Law of Attraction is well documented within science. It is a very real theory that has been proven to not only exist, but work to create our reality. There is more detailed evidence available, within the scientific documentation of quantum physics, but this direct explanation is all that anyone needs in order to wrap our minds around for now.

Prosperity is a mind set action. It begins in the mind as a thought. Prosperity can be defined as wealth, abundance, rich, money, fulfillment and much more. It does not matter if you focus on the word "prosperity", or another word "wealthy" in order to realize a state of being prosperous. It is the positive, focused mindset that makes the difference between it's opposite, "scarcity".

It might help to realize that there is no real scarcity, except that of your belief system. If you do not believe you can be prosperous, then you will experience scarcity. These are states of mind that the Law of Attraction engages for us, returning to us our state of mind as the return.

Excepting prosperity is excepting our gifts we deserve. We all deserve to be prosperous, living our lives abundantly. This is a God given certainty. Sometimes we don't believe we deserve the good things in life for various reasons. This is not because the Universal Consciousness told us we were undeserving of abundance. These ideas of scarcity and not being deserving come from us. This is what we tell ourselves when we are experiencing a life that is unworthy of us to live.

We might have been taught that we did not deserve a good life, yet we are the ones that keep this idea alive when we drag this past into the present, living our lives this way.

It is up to us to let go of the negative focus and embrace the positive. We all deserve to be happy and prosperous. Prosperity is not reserved for a few as some secret they found. In fact, keeping a secret like the Law of Attraction having the power to bring prosperity is not a possibility. Like attracts like. Start creating a state of mind that reflects abundance and you will start living the life of prosperity.

Create a prosperity bank for yourself and make daily deposits into it that will bring you more than your fair share of your affirmation investments. Your returns will multiply and astound you.

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