If your sales training program is built on the concept that you have to work really hard now so you can relax later you may be in the wrong program. You're being told that the program your learning is so ineffective that you have to make up for the low productivity of your training with a high level of activity. Doesn't that seem just wrong to you now that you've had that pointed out?

You can’t fix a poor sales training program by just doing the things that aren’t working more often. If what you’re doing now isn’t working it isn’t going to get better with time or practice. If you want to get different results you have to change the things you’re doing and the way you look at things.

A good sales training program helps you to be successful without a lot of hard work. When you learn how to help people buy, and understand them and their needs your success ratio takes a tremendous jump without having to increase the number of people your meeting. That’s because you’re meeting the right people, you understand their concerns, and you’re helping them to discover their need for what you have to offer.

All the major sales training programs emphasize that telling isn’t selling yet that’s exactly what many of you do. If your sales training program is based on the use of any kind of presentation, run don’t walk out of the room, and get real sales training. When you whip out a presentation two things happen and neither are positive. The prospect disengages from the conversation and they become defensive. The longer your sales presentation the lower your success ratio, no one likes to be sold.

You don’t have to work harder to succeed in sales, you just have to work smarter. Working smarter means you know how to have a conversation with a prospect that helps them identify and explore their need, and ask you if you can help them with that. When you know how to help people buy you work a whole lot less with a whole lot more success.

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