Most of us are unaware of the health of our spirit or life energy. We go about our daily business without ever giving a second thought to this very vital part of our lives. For the majority of people, spiritual health is intangible, invisible the notion of the spirit is purely an idea or abstract concept, not a thing that can be monitored and measured easily like blood pressure or insulin levels. Yet our spiritual health is just as real and important as any other measurement of our well being.

Lacking the modern devices and technology used to track physical illness, we must rely upon a routine of self examination and introspection in order to gauge the health level of our spiritual selves.

The following checklist has been designed to help determine whether your spiritual health is in need of attention.

1. You find yourself more in agreement with negative points of view

2. You are easily irritated or agitated, small things annoy you.

3. Beliefs that once seemed impeccable seem to have let you down.

4. You feel drained or tired most of the time.

5. Hobbies and interests seem less enjoyable.

6. You relive past events trying to determine when things went wrong

7. Migraines and other ailments occur more frequently

8. When you should be relaxing, you feel uncomfortable and nervous.

9. There always seems to be a void in your life which must be filled

Any or all of these issues may point to a serious need to address your spiritual health and well being. Considering the important role which spiritual health plays in our overall sense of happiness and fulfillment as well as the direct connection between spiritual wellness and physical health it is unfortunate that more attention is not paid to this vital area.

When the spiritual self is injured, the mind and body suffer. Take some time to examine your life path, your beliefs and expectations. Consider practicing meditation or other relaxation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety. Make a point of self evaluating the strength of your spirituality and take steps to connect or reconnect with the sense of wonder and mystery of life.

Examine your beliefs. Are your beliefs working for you? Is it possible that the beliefs that you have held for so long are actually damaging your spirit?

Of course it is. We often inherit the beliefs of our ancestors, community and cultures. Many times these beliefs simply are not compatible with we intrinsically know to be true. The resulting inner conflict can result in a sort of spiritual flu, an illness which we carry often for a lifetime and we can never seem to shake. No matter how good things may seem to be going, we always feel a certain kind of emptiness. Examine your beliefs and your entire belief system, do not be afraid to throw out any beliefs which feel at all uncomfortable. Your spirit will thank you.

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Jeffry R. Palmer Ph.D. is the author of “Embracing The Infinite – A Guide to Spiritual Health”.

A lifelong interest and research into spirituality, metaphysics, ritual magic practices, comparative religion, Jungian Psychology, energy healing and other esoteric studies has culminated in a series of new works by the author.

A syndicated columnist, Mr. Palmer’s articles have been featured in popular magazines such as Current Living, The Unexplained, Mystica, Natural Bloom, Self Healing and many others around the globe. In addition to being a certified Tachyon Energy Healer, and Reiki Master, Mr. Palmer holds a Doctorate of Divinity from ULC as well as a Ph.D. in Metaphysics.

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