I would like to give you an example of the incredible power of prayer. This prayer is one a friend of mine prayed for back in September. They told me the specifics of the prayer the day they prayed for it, and acted like it would be sort of a test. And or course, it came to light.

People are falsely under the impression you are not suppose to ask for things through prayer. But, if you do not ask for them, them how are you supposed to get them? God need to know what you want, and if you ask it through a true heart, he will give it to you. It might not always be as you requested, but he will give it to you in due time.

Also, you may not be as specific as you could have been in the prayer. So, you need to be specific, and do not follow it up with "If it is in God's will". This is like canceling the prayer out. You are asking God for one thing, but then say only if he feels like it. It does not make sense. You pray for what you want. He gives you what you asked for.

Let us look at my friend's prayer. Back in September, they were looking for some extra money. They already run a side a business, but it had been slow, and they wanted business to pick up some. So, after ready in the Bible about having to be specific in what they were asking for, they hit their knees one night. They asked God specifically for income of $2,000 before the end of the year. God never puts limits on what you can pray for. If you want to pray for money, you can. So, my friend is asking God for $2,000. What happened?

Well, somehow, 2 different people called this person for his services. He is not sure how they got their number, but they found him. He completed these 2 jobs, and also a few smaller ones over the next 3 months. When the end of the year came, he was figuring out his taxes. He had actually forgotten about the prayer and the $2,000. When reminded, he went home, and looked over the statements, and guess what he found. From October through December, he had a net income of $1,961. His first thought was: I should have asked for more!

There is a good testament to the incredible power of prayer. He prayed a simple prayer, and was specific in what he asked for. And, or course, God provided. If you are a firm believer, and your heart is in the right place, God will provide you with answers to your prayers. This is just a small example of the incredible power of prayer.

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