Designer shoes are in great demand these days by both men and women. They see shoes as part of their fashion accessories to compliment their dress. Therefore, the operation is seen for designer footwear in the arena. Some of the famous designer shoes known for their comfort are:


Crocs, Inc. was founded by entrepreneur B. Boedecker, Jr. to display and distribute a plastic clogging design acquired from a Canadian company called Foam Creations. The shoe had originally been matured as a spa shoe.

The colors and the other styles are produced in a palette of four to six colors or two-color combinations in one.

Crocs is certified by the US Ergonomics Council and the American Podiatric Medical Association to be one that can protect the feet from injury.

Wrinkle pickers

Winkle pickers are a type of boot style footwear worn by male and female that are the British rock and roll fans. Winkle pickers are usually worn by teddy bear boys with a pointed toe. Winkle pickers are also dressed by Teddy Girls. They are a style statement for teens who like to dress up in a cool way. These shoes are specially designed for young men and women. Winkle picker boots are very popular among the recent Vogue Goth and Punk subcultures. They are mostly chosen by some English band members.

Ile Miranda, Inc.

Ile Miranda, Inc. is a specially designed shoe designer who is famous for painted and very fashionable shoes. Her latest collection was named The Utopia. It had the characteristic of being hand-painted and is very comfortable to wear. Ile Miranda designs all kinds of shoes, from flip flops, flats to high-heeled shoes. She uses materials such as velvet, silk, leather, metal parts and mixes them together into a beautiful combination. Her shoes are a complete blend of fashion and comfort for more information click here

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