If you are experiencing an adverse situation, you may be embarking upon the greatest opportunity to have a breakthrough in your life! Surprisingly you're going to see how adversity is shaping you into being the person, happy and fulfilled, that you want to be. It happens through your perspective and outlook. It's how you look at yourself, and see yourself in relations to others, situations, and your surroundings; in alignment to what you want to do and who you want to be. And I'm going to show you how I saw it and bounced back, so that you can do it too.

Adversity: it starts with failed expectations, painful experiences and setbacks. Whether a romance, relationship, opportunity, or personal desire, we witness the powerful "success formula" working in the lives of others asking, “why not me?"... "Why can't I ever get ahead?" ... or "Why can't I have something that I want or truly care about?"
Yes, we're expected to dream, set goals, think positive, expect the best, and more! Are we truly setting ourselves up for disappointment? Or fooling ourselves into believing that we can live a great life, when there is truly no such thing as perfect or great lives? But why the disconnect? Why is it good in some lives, and not others?

Bad things are going to happen! Adverse situations will come.

It was just weeks ago I went through an adverse experience. A full 6 days of crying, unable to sleep, feeling powerlessness, and for a moment, a wish to just end it all. By the 3rd/4th night, I knew there was something bigger, divinely life-changing in store. I knew because all of my bullcrap – my mistakes, flaws, secrets, and embarrassing situations -- were all coming up at once. I knew I could, and should, in one hard felt swoop get rid of them all. It was all only crap -- illusions, false beliefs, scenarios and drama that only existed in my head. I created it, because this crap existed no place else—only in my head! And worse, all of the mental and emotional overwhelming stress NEVER served me. Not once, had any of the stress made my life better. I knew it was time to give it up. I was ready! I wanted to submit.

I more easily understood the power of submission. And in tears, my arms outstretched, releasing and giving it all up, no longer ashamed, I was open, ready to take on whatever I need to do to breakthrough! I actually saw a higher, a better way of living – free spirited in consciousness in deed and peace – in alignment to what I want to do and who I want to be.

I felt empowered, surviving one of the worse experiences ever but I witnessed evidence of how nothing really crushes me, takes me down, or destroys me. I discovered a deeper layer of courage, renewed strength and confidence, and authenticity.

I am evolving and growing, inside-out, through positive and adverse experiences that reveal my best self. What was key, in my case, is knowing answers to my life affirming questions.

Do you know the IMPORTANT ANSWERS to your life questions?

"What is the best for you?"
"How to really know what it is?"
"How to determine what you really want?" and
"How to step up and play a bigger game?"

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