Last year about this time we were in mourning as we stared at our beautiful plum tree . . .

Only 2 or 3 deep maroon plums dangled from its boughs.

The rest had been taken out by a late spring frost. Those thousands of promising little orbs that we'd celebrated in May simply blackened and fell off.

Our neighbor, who makes a living off of his orchard, noted this unseasonable chill was a tough blow to his fruit business.

And he wasn't the only one hit by the late chill. Our friend, Wendy, with whom we partner in raising pigs told us she had lost a hundred or so chicks to the late drop in temperature.

And this was on top of losing almost a full litter of piglets when the mother pig rolled over on them as they snuggled close. Wendy confessed she had literally broken down in tears at this event.

However, as bad as each of these small tragedies were. Each of us had backup plans that compensated a bit. Our friend with the orchard had a stellar peach crop (the blossoms came a bit later).

Wendy had a good herd of beef cattle growing fat on her pasture.

And while the plums didn't come through, we had some nice strawberries and our pear tree stunned us with its heavy load.

Farming teaches you one thing in stark terms – diversify or fall prey to nature's whims.

Marketing isn't much different . . .

In marketing, too, you'll fare better if you don't keep all your eggs in one basket. (Surely a bit of wisdom coined by some farmer who didn't see the rock in his path!)

Over the past few months I've written magalog copy, website pages, SEO copy, social media copy, autoresponders, sales letters and video scripts.

My clients are eliciting response through a variety of formats.

And from what I've seen, the web hasn't taken over . . . Email is not dead . . . And yes, people still check their mailboxes and read letters printed on paper.

As Mary Ellen Tribby and Michael Masterson write in their rich book, Changing the Channel: 12 Easy Ways To Make Millions For Your Business,

If you embrace multi-channel marketing, you will see improvements in your business almost immediately. And those improvements will continue at lightning speed, transforming your business into something much greater than it is now. How big and how fast it grows is up to you.

The trend is huge. The time is right. Your future is unlimited.
- MaryEllen Tribby and Michael Masterson, Changing the Channel

I read this book when it first came out a few years ago. Re-reading it once again opened new doors in my marketing mind. New opportunities – something we all need these days.

And in addition to diversifying your reach, multi-channel marketing gives you other added bonuses:

Marketing Bonus #1: Diversifying your marketing can solidify your credibility

The more people hear about you the more they think you're real. Even if it's only through your advertising that they've heard about you.

Your landing page becomes that much more potent when your prospect also hears about you on the radio and then stumbles upon you as they sort their mail.

Marketing Bonus #2: Diversifying your marketing can be synergistic

This summer I did some experimenting with one of my websites. In addition to the SEO I was already doing, I increased my social media work intensively.

The results were striking – My Alexa ranking dropped as my ranking for a few keywords rose. I got more and more Google traffic to my site. Essentially I had tapped into the extraordinary link juice found in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites.

When you combine SEO with social media work you create search engine optimization jet fuel.

Marketing Bonus #3: Diversifying your marketing can bring deeper relationships

I've downloaded dozens of free reports. But as good as many of them are, they often get lost in my hard drive. Sometimes I'll rediscover them. But often enough they are lost for good.

However, the free reports, magalogs and books I've received as hard copies linger on my desk, tag along with me to soccer games and often make it into my bookshelves where I regularly browse.

I also tend to think about these hard copy gifts as having higher value, lending the sender of these gifts with a special spot in my book.

So diversifying your marketing can deepen and expand your market.

But I should warn you . . . it's also easy to feel overwhelmed by all the different marketing areas you can step into.

The point of this, however, is not to bite off more than you can chew. Nor is it to fret that you're not doing the latest and best thing that everyone else seems to be doing.

The latest is not always the best.

The point here is to carefully choose one or two new arenas to add to your marketing mix and then start integrating them into your marketing.

Don't worry if they're "The Best Ones".

Don't worry that you're not doing everything the next guy seems to be doing . . .

Just worry about trying a few new forms of marketing, integrating them into your current marketing mix and making the most out of them.

Because there's a second lesson that fits with both farming and marketing . . . it can sometimes take a few tries, refining your process through testing and experience, to fully enjoy a good harvest.

Last year was a devastating blow to us plum-eaters here at Surprise Farm Hill . . .

But we didn't give up. This year we pruned aggressively, gave them some beautiful manure and a nice mulch of chipped wood.

As summer rolled around we carefully tended our plum trees with two organic sprays to control for fungal disease and the plum curculio.

And when July rolled around, our sturdy little tree was literally dripping with plums. We ate steadily and still couldn't keep up with the harvest.

My freezer is filled with plum sauce ready to grace our yogurt and pork chops this winter.

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