Love has no measurements. You cannot Love someone "so much or too much." You cannot Love "hard." Love simply has no conditions. You can either Love someone or you don't. There just are no measurements to how much you can Love another person. When you say that you Love someone "so much, too much" or you Love "hard," these are "conditions" you have placed on your Love. When you are "loving hard" or loving someone "so much or too much," you are placing unrealistic expectations on them to Love you the same. When you are not receiving what you perceive as the same measurement of Love from others, it always results in negative behavior so extreme, that it sometimes unfortunately ends in fatalities. This means, by your own understanding, that you have literally Loved someone to actual death! This is not Love. This is attachment, trauma-bonding and codependency. You are seeking to fill a void within yourself, by which you are placing a burden on someone else to fill for you. Those whom you Love, are not obligated to Love you the same way. When someone tells you that they Love you, do not ever ask them "how much?" This is a desperate need to fill your void. Love is without conditions. Love has no measurements. Love is free flowing without restrictions of any kind or any sort.

The world throws the word "Love" around too loosely. No one takes Love seriously anymore, which is the main reason for Divine Intervention. The Earth and each and every New Age, New Earth, New World thereafter, were all created with Divine Love as its foundation. When the foundation is threatened, We come. Divine Love is what holds Creation together, and it will be with Divine Love that it all ends and starts all over again! Divine Love can never be destroyed, as it is the highest frequency on Earth which keeps the "Sacred Vibration" in motion. When this stops, it all ends. It is an automatic process.

You cannot expect to receive the Love that you demand from others, if you cannot find Love within yourself first. When you Love yourself truly and completely, you will no longer feel the need to Love someone else "so much or too much;" neither will you ever say again that you Love "hard." It is no such thing! You will just simply Love without conditions. Love is a journey by which you must prove you are worthy of receiving it. When you surrender to Love and allow it to completely take over your whole entire being, only then will Love give you a chance to experience it. Once Love has finally found you, given you a taste of its Divinity and then you disrespect IT; you would be better off not ever being born! Like the Scriptures states, "But I say unto you that it shall be more tolerable for the land of Sodom in the day of judgment, than for thee."

Divine Love just exists as is. It does not ever change. You cannot add to it nor take from it. You cannot search for it and find it. Love finds you. Beware, as it states in the Song of Solomon, "That ye stir not up, nor awake my Love, until he please."

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