Some of the most common pests that may cause these unknown bites are fleas, spiders, bed bugs, lice, mites,chiggers, thrips, sand flies, with the most common being flea bites.

Nope, They Don't

As an exterminator and not a allergist, I'm probably not a whole lot qualified to give you very much information about dust mites. Here are some things I know about these parasites. They can cause allergic reactions in many of us humans. A question I commonly get about dust mites is " something is biting me, I must have dust mites in my house" "can you come and spray." The answer is no. Dust mites are very small and can't be seen with the naked eye. They do not bite you and you don't need an exterminator to spray your house.

Dust mites do affect allergies for most of the people. These are the mites that live on house dust. It is the droppings of the dust mite that can cause breathing problems in many people. Their droppings are light enough to float in the air, so they are easily breathed in. There can be thousands of dust mites on one flake of dust. Dust mite feces enters your into your lungs every time you take a breath.

Dust mites will eat plant materials, molds, and fungi, with their favorite meal being dead human skin particles. What you see in a ray of sunlight coming through your window is not all dust, much of it is flakes of dead human skin which dust mites feed on. Dust mite feces, can last for many years on your mattress bed and may cause symptoms for many years.

Bite Remedy

Fleas are a brownish color and about 1/8 inch long and usually can be seen especially if you are wearing white socks or pants, but are quite small. Small bites are mainly found around the lower legs and ankles. They produce a small red hardened itchy welt. Fleas are usually found where pets, mice, raccoons, squirrels,possums are present. Some of the pests are following as who will bite you:


Rubbing vicks vapor rub or preparation H gel on flea bites is said to soothe,heal, and prevent further flea bites on humans. You can also rub a thin coating of vicks on your socks to keep fleas away. Be sure and pull your socks up over your pants.

Home remedy to kill fleas in your carpet Sprinkle Mule team Borax laundry detergent onto your carpets and sweep in with a broom. Let set for two days and then vacuum up. Please use caution, borax can be slightly toxic to small children if ingested. Borax also works great for getting rid of ants and other bugs in your house.

I recommend you that you should be spray or pest inspection in your residential or commercial property at least for once in a year. You can hire a Pest Control Sydney to get rid from all these dust and fleas and other pests. The Pest Controllers are capable to come at your doorstep and getting all about your pest concerns before started pest control process.

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