Getting rid of termites is no easy task. It requires sheer focus, time, and often times the money. While there is no miracle treatment to termites, the process doesn’t always have to be excruciating. In fact, personally doing termite work has saved many homeowners from unnecessary costs and damages.

Now, if you’d like to know how that works, read our guide below for the ultimate DIY termite treatment and pest control procedure.

Go all-natural and organic

Nature often offers the solution to its own problem. Orange oil and neem oil are a few ingredients that have been proven effective against termites. You can use these to destroy termite colonies or as preventive measures. Just apply them to high-risk areas of your house, such as window and door frames, wooden furniture, fence posts, and tree stumps. Also you can click on bugs r us Toronto that helps you to find best idea about it.

Bait them out

If you can’t figure out where exactly these pesky creatures are hiding, the best way would be to let them show themselves by setting up a termite trap. There are many termite baiting systems in the market for you to purchase – some of them have specific uses or features. One of the most common types of termite baits is edible ones that will destroy termites from the inside once they consume it. The way it works is by allowing worker termites to share the bait with other workers within the colony. This way, you can eliminate entire colonies without even exerting much effort.


Using chemical products may bring a greater sense of security than relying on baits and organic ingredients – and there’s no shame in admitting that. Subterranean termites are the most common types of termites out there, and they’re harder to detect as they do not create mud tubes. If this is the type of termite you’re going against, then you can use termiticides. Simply inject this into the soil around your property. Any termite that will attempt to chew their way through the chemically treated soil will be poisoned and killed.


One of the safest and most effective ways to get rid of termites is by releasing parasitic nematodes. While their work ethics maybe a little disturbing (they literally eat the insides of termites), they are your trusty partners in your fight against these naughty little wood-chompers. What’s even better is the fact that these parasitic nematodes not only target termites but other household pests, too. They don’t need maintenance, and they will obliterate every termite colonies they find.


Termites absolutely love moisture. Their colonies will double in the population if ever they’re near a water source. In order to prevent that from happening, make sure to open your windows and let those sun rays come inside your home. Direct exposure to sunlight will kill them and make your wood unappetizing to them.

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