Which type of sugar baby do you like best? Open, conservative, highly educated, or sexy? Do you mind the sexual orientation of your sugar baby? According to the broad definition of sugar baby: A young female who is financially pampered/cared for by a sugar daddy. It's just that it’s a young female to make it clear, and it's not about her sexual orientation. As a bisexual girl, except that she likes men and women, there is no difference between us.

Sugar Daddy wants to have a threesome. It’s the ultimate male fantasy! But you should ask if your sugar baby wants a threesome, The two of you should be able to have an open and respectful conversation about her sexuality, and you should give her enough time to decide whether a threesome is suitable for you. Moreover, not all bisexual girls are open to a threesome. If she tells you that she is bisexual, you will most likely ask her to have one. At least, you might ask to watch her have sex with another woman. If this idea disgusts her, it may be easier not to tell you. She is not obligated to do so. If she is open to the threesome, tell you that she is happy to be immersed in your fantasy, but make sure you have very clear rules and guidelines then you will gain greater strength-enjoy the threesome!

If one bisexual girl isn't willing to structure a sugar dating dynamic as you do, respect their wants and move on. Bisexual or not, all Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddies decide on terms from the start of the arrangement. From individual kinks to benefits regarding the lifestyle and even intimacy, everything is discussed. All this safeguards the relationship and enables maximum fun.

Bisexual girls like to try all kinds of new things. For sugar daddies, bisexual girls can better satisfy their curiosity about all kinds of new things. If your sugar baby agrees to threesomes, what you should consider is how do you coupling the freedom of a sugar arrangement with her bisexual nature would allow for more fun to spice up your lives.

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