Sometimes we need to work, sometimes our family takes a lot of time and sometimes the assignment subject simply does not fit. More and more students are now looking for help in writing university assignments with specialists who can prepare basis for seminar papers and even write the entire thesis. Choosing a right company to do that can turn into a big problem. That is why the first writing service comparator of such services was established.

The basis of each successful collaboration is the authentication of the authors, who are sufficiently oriented on the given topic. Student-funded services often use the services of undergraduate or postgraduate students to earn money in this way. The good news is also when some of the students who work in the same or similar field get to your background.

The second criterion is the very form of cooperation. A serious company should be able to choose a suitable author for you, link you and let you decide whether your cooperation will suit you. The author himself should then consult with you regularly to alert you to the possible problems he encounters when writing documents. It is equally important to respond to your feedback - if you need to adjust anything after consulting your supervisor.

Therefore, before you begin to communicate with a specific portal that offers the background, it is worthwhile to do - if we use a college term - at least a small search. Every company writes practically the same, authentic experiences of their users on their site, but they may be different. That is why there is now a portal that compares the offered services and where each student can evaluate their cooperation themselves. No one can judge the service more objectively than its customer.

"It's just like when you buy a phone at an e-shop. Also, look at the technical parameters first and then review the reviews of those who bought it before you. There is a similar possibility in the field of documents for higher education in our country, "says Lucy Wang, one of the founders of the portal

"In addition to customer reviews, we compare portals based on the range of services offered, their prices and any discounts offered or the repayments offered, the quality of the authors and the customer service - a solution option when a problem arises. The result is clear tables, where the student instantly sees which servers he can trust, "adds Lucy Wang.

It is also important to assess the deadline adherence and price offered. It is not always true that the fastest or the cheapest will be best for you. Within the competition, portals are of course forced to offer more favorable prices or different forms of discounts or repayment calendars, but if the price is too low, it may be a "recyclable" - that is, the materials already handed over by the company to someone else. In this case, the resulting work could prove to be a plagiarism in the control system, which risks being excluded from studies.

Even in the case of college work, then "working poorly, little valid" applies. If someone offers you the preparation of documents, say, for the diploma thesis in a few days, it is likely that it will not be a good search. On the other hand, perhaps in seminar papers or papers, speed is crucial and few days to elaborate them is no exception.

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