I am positive you already know that there can be a lot of mistakes made in sales. The reason that I work as part of a sales training courses provider is because I want to inform people of these mistakes that come up again and again in which I am sick to the back teeth explaining.

There are 4 crucial blunders that are repeated through sales. The reason that you are even reading this at the minute is because you have courageously taken the first steps into improving your sales which in turn means improving your living standards. The way that you can achieve this better living is to avoid these 4 blunders.

1. Inadequate Questioning. Picture this, you walk into your doctor he takes one look at you and states that he knows what is wrong and prescribes you with a prescription without asking you the appropriate questions. This would not happen in a doctor’s profession so why should it happen in your sales profession? You need to ask your client what they are specifically looking for and what their needs are. If you go straight into your presentation this many trainers call, “premature presentation”. Yes that is funny but not when you want to be doing your best to give your client what they desire from your organisation.

2. Inadequate Preparation. You need to realise what your objectives are for the call. Ask yourself what you want to achieve and what you want them to achieve from the call and ultimately what you would like them to do as a result of the call. Preparation is a crucial tool used in sales training courses as it is the best way to resist objectives from the client. By being prepared in knowing what the client and you want and using step one you will be flying.

3. Hesitant in Getting Commitment. This goes back to our Irish nature of “ah that’s grand” we are not a pushy nation and we feel rude if we feel we are forcing someone into something. The truth is you have earned commitment and it should be got on calls that you have agreed to a follow up activity. Ask yourself now what line you use to ask for their commitment? I am positive that many of you are struggling with this line. Well the truth is if you don’t ask you don’t get. Ask them straight out if they will purchase the product that you are merely helping them to buy. Try to make asking a habit in your life both at work and home as it will not seem like such a big deal when you ask your client.

4. Opening Statement. Through sales training courses I have seen so many people unconsciously using their opening statement as a resistant rather than an interest for the client. Within the first 10 seconds the client has decided whether they will listen to you or not by creating 1 of 2 emotions these being either resistance or interest. I am sure that you realise that your clients are not sitting in their homes watching their phones waiting for you to call them. This is why when you do call you need to get them into a positive receptive state of mind, you need to get them talking and when introducing yourself and the organisation you have to use an interesting, curiosity seeking value statement that will appeal to their desires.

There are just as many mistakes you could make in sales as there are strategies, tips and key points to improve your sales. On sales training courses we indicate that it is vital to remember this and to keep researching to achieve the best possible outcomes in your work and family life.

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Frank O`Toole is a well established trainer across the UK. With his ability to adapt courses to the needs of others to empower them to succed he has great strenght and confidence needed in th competitive training business, coming out on top everytime. With Franks sucessful training business www.premiertraining.co.uk (with sales training courses being only one aspect) hitting an all time high it just goes to show that even in these tough times proffesionalism will constantly shine through.