Do you know what Glycemic Index is? In fact, the index was first introduced at the University of Toronto in 1980s. The index is a system to rank the effect of carbohydrates on the blood glucose level.

As you may know, carbohydrates will be broken down in our body and converted to glucose. Some carbohydrates will be broken down very quickly in our body when some will be broken down a lot slower. The index will be higher for the former and lower for the latter. From this, you will probably know that what a low glycemic index means. It means that you will get less glucose or sugar from the foods.

The diet is based on this index. The basic idea is that you should eat more foods with a low index and avoid foods with high index. This is because it will help to reduce the production of blood glucose and at the same time you will not feel hungry. In fact, the diet does not only rely on the glycemic index. It will also take the calorie intake into account. As a result, you will also need to think of the calorie content of the foods when you are taking the GI dieting plan.

Normally, there will be several different stages for a diet. This is also the case of GI diet. The first phase lasts for two weeks. There is a ranking scale for foods and it will be expressed as some points. In the first stage, women will be allowed to eat foods for about 17 points while men are allowed 22 points. In the second stage, the points will increase to 20 and 25 respectively.

One thing that people like this diet is that you can eat anything you like when you are on diet. What you have to obey is to stick to the number of points allowed. This can be an advantage over other diets since these diets may only allow you to take some kinds of foods.

Users of this diet reports that on average you can lose two pounds per week. When it comes to your targeted body weight, you will enter the last stage of the diet. This stage is meant to help you to main the weight. As a matter of fact, one of the common problems of some diets is that there will be weight gain after the diet. It is important to make sure that the targeted weight will last.

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